Haunted Nightmare's Mod

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This mod includes a dimmension, over 20 mobs, lots of guns and weapons. But long ago, spirits had a plan to take over minecraft when an unknown man sent them to the curse relm. But 1000 years later, they escaped, stonger than ever, to pick of where they left off. 

There is 3 dimmensions, over 50 mobs, and tons of weapons.

Some Mobs->           


Some Blocks -> 


Some of 5.0.0 Newest Stuff -

- Night Crawler (Mob)

- Walking Pickaxe (Mob)

- Inspirited Arrow (Mob, Battles Cows)

- Snowy Guard (Fights Mobs)

- Delta Gypsum (Mineral)

- Crystalized Sulfur (Mineral)

- Mineral Upgrader (Useless at the moment)

- Upgraded Diamond (Mineral)

- Mega Sulfur Sword (Weapon)

- Blade of Delta Gypsum (Weapon)

- Meteor Slasher (Weapon)

Newest Mobs ->

Newest Weapons ->

Newest Items ->







Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

I would make one for 1.8 if I knew how to get the everything from 1.7.10 to 1.8