Published by aPlus13 on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 22:18
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Hello, and welcome to Lootology! This mod adds many new features, primarily based on the four main mob drops (rotten flesh, bones, spider eyes, and gunpowder).

New features:

  • Rotten Gems, crafted from rotten flesh
  • Zombie tools, crafted from rotten gems
  • Detonite, crafted from gunpowder
  • Fizzium, a high-power fuel crafted from Detonite
  • Spider Lenses, crafted from spider eyes
  • Spider-Vision Goggles, crafted from spider eyes and let you see in the dark
  • Bone Shafts and Bone Bars, crafted from bones
  • Multiple new biomes themed around zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, and the Nether
  • The Hostile Dimension, a terrifying place full of various mobs (build the portal using Nether brick and the special Nether Rod, just be careful breaking it...)
  • Many new crafting recipes, including:
    • Craftable elytra
    • Craftable monster spawner cages
    • Craftable skeleton spawn eggs
    • All heads/skulls now craftable (minus wither skeleton skull because the Wither is supposed to be hard to spawn)
    • Craftable End Portal Frames, so you can install an End Portal at your base after defeating the dragon
  • The Economizer, an extremely hard-to-get item that you can use to multiply your resources
  • And more! (probably)

Tell me what you think of my mod down below!

I'm all ears when it comes to bugs and new ideas to expand the mod!

(P.S. --- I would recommend using JEI or a mod like it with Lootology because some recipes could be hard to remember, also because I don't want to put them all here.)

Modification files
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Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate feedback on how I can improve my mod, so let me know what you think!