Deathstar's GlitchWorld Mod

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DeathStar's Glitch World Mod is a mod that lets you go to 2 new biomes 3 new dimensions and 5 new mobs and over 10 new armor and weapons. There are new armors like dirt, stone, beef, oak, carrot, lava, evil, poison, and crying armor. It adds 4 new boss battles Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and the Evil Cat Queen. Zeus drops his lightning bolt which dose a ton of damage and spawns in the desert. Hades drops his sword which shoots fire balls and can turn bocks into lava but need fire charges he spawns in the underworld. Poseidon spawns in the sea realm and drops his trident which and turn things in to water and shoot coral but needs blue coral to power. The Evil Cat Queen spawns in the jungle or evil realm. Evil armor can be made out of evil gems which come from evil ore and that spawns in the evil realm. Poison armor is made out of acid ore which is found in the acid biome. The 5th mob is the tamed zombie it only kills players if they try to first like a zombie piglen and you can ride them and there really fast.


Leave a review to tell me what you think i should add and if you like it or not! 

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