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Note:Before downloading I HIGHLY recommend gtting optifine,Fastcraft or anything that optimises minecraft as I found a few hundred lag mobs in testing.(Does not include Lag mobs yet)

Another Note:This is my second mod![Insertepicsmileyfacehere]

Even more notes:Now back to the mod

One day there was a ModderHD that was messing around in Mcreator.

I then desided to put the stuff together and the Interweb mod was born!

This is me mocking stuff on the internet from Jpeg,png and Gifs to Memes and even Glitches!

Jpeg,pngs and Gifs are found in grass as well as the "Clone Virus" which gives you Internet Cookeez(Dont give hunger but is food for dogs),

the "diamond Virus"Which eats your diamonds and the BetterthanadiamondpickPickaxe which I wont tell what it does.

You can also find an Anti-Virus which destroys "Clone Viruses" and "Diamond Viruses"(and eats your cookeez ;-;).

Then there are randomly placed "Glitch Blocks" that give you 1 glitch shard when broken.

Glitch shards can be used to create the block again(4 in a square) or Glitch Sticks(one on top of the other).

Glitch sticks are used with the shards to make a Glitch sword which does +24 attack damage(Total of 25!)

There is a new biome called the Fake Biome which has Synthetic Grass and Dirt(The grass is made by surrounding regular dirt with four shards)

and when dug the Synthetic grass turns into Synthetic Dirt(Just use the dirt and a Tall Grass to get it back)

Though do watch out because in the biome you find Epic Smiley Memes,Troll Memes(Boss) and Hackers(Boss).

Smileys and Troll Memes have a neat but rare drop. Good luck getting it!

Hackers tend to drop glitch shards but rarely drop Glitch Swords.

The rest is for you to find out.

If you have an idea that is Internet based dont be shy and tell me it!It could be featured in the next Update!

Most everything listed here is found in the mod review for it.

Modification files
Interwebz Mod 1.0 for - Version 1.0 for 1.7.10Uploaded on: 09/05/2015 - 16:54   File size: 151.31 KB

Illuminati and Herobrine?Confirmed.Definately adding them.
Oh and glitch sticks and the sword will be crafted with the block instead of the shard.
Shard is for something else.

I wrote "o" but meant "to".
Anyways tell me your opinions.
I'm all ears!

What do you think if I where o add Illuminati(Item) and Herobrine(Boss)?
Or just one?
The Illuminati(item)would be crafted by finding two Illuminati Pieces,a Illuminati Top and an Illuminati Eye in dungeons.
The use is still being though on.
Hereobrine(Boss) would drop a diamond block or rarely the Illuminati(If added or a Nether star)

I was going to update this to 1.8 after I finish my netheruby mod but,this is going to be a priority now.

What should the coins be used for.
Any suggestions?
(They will be found in grass and tiered like so
1=Coin(Gives Loot! Achievement)
5=bill(Gives Getting Rich Achievement)
25=Sack of money(Gives Gold,Just Gold Achievement)
100=Epic Smiley Coin(Gives EPIC! Achievement)
500=Troll Coin(Gives Trololo Achievement)
1000=HACKER(Gives HACKER Achievement)
9000=ITS OVER 9000!(Gives OVER 9000! Achievement))

I rezolved the forge bug, i will play the mod now!

(Sorry for my bad english, im romanian)

Funny mod, Smileys are epic and troll meme is...very awesome!
So, i wait more images..

9/10 stars!