Noragami Mod (Merged With Anime World Mod)

Published by Vegetto on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 00:11
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From the anime "Noragami", comes new items that will help you in slaying the new type of mob, the phantoms.

0.3.0 Features:

-Locution Brush


-Seven Gods Of Fortune

-Conjurer's Mask

-Hirro (Nora)

-Hiki (Nora)

-Vent (Natural spawning structure that spawns more phantoms)

-Tamable Phantoms





-More Phantoms

New Features:

-Regalia's (Saiki, Suuki, Gaiki)

-New Phantoms

-Veena (Bishamon)


-Phantoms (Only 2 types for this update)

-Rabo (Boss)

-Yato (The God that will help fight against Rabo [Only if you can find him that is])

-Yukine (Spirit and Regalia Form)

-Sekki (Yukine's Regalia Form)

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In development
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