Anime World 0.4.0

Published by Vegetto on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 04:01
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In this mod, you can travel the world of minecraft along with mobs from many different anime! This current version has:


Assassination Classroom
-Korosensei (Blows up when killed)
-Anti-Korosensei Knife
-Nagisa Shiota
-Kayano Kaede

-Monokuma (blows up when killed)
-Monokuma Eye
-Makoto Naegi

Rave Master
-Rave Stone
-Explosion (right click to explode, explosions happen towards positive X)
-Silfarion (wear the neckless to get the speed boost)
-Rave Neckless
-Haru Glory

Tokyo Ghoul
-Kaneki Ken
-Amon's Quinque
-Kaneki's Mask

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
-Hestia Knife
-Aiz's Sword
-Gem Stone
-Bell Cranel
-Aiz Wallenstein

-Alibaba Saluja
-Alibaba's Knife

My Hero Academia
-All Might

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Super Bosses)
-Sachiel (3rd Angel)
-Shamshel (4th Angel)

Space Patrol Luluco

-Over Justice

-Over Justice Skull (rare drop from Over Justice)

-Over Justice Gun Morph

Kill La Kill

-Senketsu Outfit

-Scissor Blade

-Life Fiber Ore

-Ball Of Life Fibers


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress




-Wazatori Type Kabane

-Nail Gun

-Mumei's Guns

-Steam Gun

-Steam BackPack


-Kabane Hearts

Inferno Cop

-Inferno Cop

-Inferno Cop Badge


Recently Added:

Monogatari Series
-Rainy Devil
-Hachikuji Mayoi
-Shinobu Oshino
-Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade
 -Kiss-Shot's Blood (Healing Item)
-Vent Block
-Divine Block
-Divine Crystals
-6 variants of Phantoms
-Yato Armor

-Guard Monokuma
-Bomb Monokuma
-Komaru Naegi
 -Hacking Gun and Break Bullets
-Genocider Syo
 -Some Students From The 77th Class
 -Despair Biome
 Flip Flappers
 -Amorphous Fragment
 -Pure Illusion Biome (The Snow One)
 0.5.0 Feature Sneak Peak Items


Next Update Features will include:

Possibly Lagann


Hunter x Hunter Mobs

Re: Zero Mobs and Items

Dimension W Mobs and Items

More Flip Flappers

Cherubim Soldier from Aquarion

More Assassination Classroom 

More DanMachi

Possibly Akame Ga Kill

<To Be Continued /||||

More to be announced!


Modification files - Anime World 0.4.0 (New!)5.86 MB - Anime World 0.3.0 (Old)4.55 MB

This is a fun mod. I really had fun with it and I hope you keep making this in the near future

@#5 Yo-Kai watch is something I've only heard of. I am going to have to watch it in order to add it, which i should have the time over the weekends to do so. So you should probably expect it to be added around the 0.6.0 update or higher (That's the update after next or higher basically, so not very long)