Packed ores V7 UPDATED!!!

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Now, in the world will be generated new packed ores which will have more resources. You can get them using only iron pickaxe, but you will need not to put them in the furnace. For example, if you break packed iron ore, you will get 3 iron ingots immediately!

-------------------------------------------------------- About last update

Was added ore with bones

New mechanics of block destroying

New block - peat. You can use it as a fuel!

New block - underground clay. Like an usual clay but spawns under the ground.

Were cut unwanted packed ores: glowstone, wood, lapis and quartz.

Was added solid dirt.

 Added solid ore. Now, under ground will be generating solid ore. It is simple stone (with another texture). It will take more time to destroy this new rock.


Last news on CurseForge.Com! because the video is a bit old

Modification files
Packed Ores V7 Alpha 1.9.4.jar - Packed Ores V7763.25 KB

Cool idea. In my personal opinion it would be cool if you could (as a player) change the auto-smelting off for more difficulty. But otherwise cool mod dude!