Spiritic Chamber Mod {Finished,New Mod Coming! :D}

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Spiritic Chamber Mod by SpaceMiners_444

IMPORTANT 1 : This mod will end at the 0.4 version because...no more ideas...so,in some days,will come out a mod that will continue more than this!



Hello everybody! It's me! SpaceMiners_444! and i'm here with my 4th mod! the Spiritic Chamber Mod!

A mod filled with magic and strange thing that will keep you glued to the screen for many hours!

Here's the 4th update! Sorry for the slow uploading of new update! This is a present for you! =D



Version 0.1 : The Starting Update (+ : Added ;  - :Removed ;  * :Changed)

+ all the tab for the creative  

+infliction sword



+golden tear


+golden egg

+farmer (mob)

+infusion cauldron

+banterite berry

+banterite bush

+crushed banterite

+sur worm

+cooked sur worm

+sur wood

+infested sur wood

+sur leaves

+worm breeder (empty and full)

+sur planks

+goddess (mob)

+surprises valley (biome)

+reverse sword

+soul of a samurai (mob)

Version 0.2 : The Nature and Mob Update

+Retreated Sword of the Nature

+Sword of the nature

+Gold Coin

+Merchant (mob)

+Spiritic Grass

+Spiritic Grass Chuck

+Wand Of Weeping


+Sword of the Pumpkin

+Headless Knight (boss mob)

*Changed the spawning rate for the Surprises Valley and for all the mob (including the new mob)

Version 0.3 (part 2/final part of the 2nd update) : The Nature and Mob Update

+a new tab for wand and staff

+forest of the insect wood,planks,stick and leaves

+forest of the insect (biome)

+forestal axebear (alaberd + axe) (only attack weapon)

+tarantula eye , fermented tarantula eye and tarantula potion

+maggot and elder maggot

+poisonus spider


+maggot net

+poisonus chuck 

+toxic block and toxic sword

+golden parasite worm , golden parasite worm egg , golden parasite worm colony and golden parasite worm skewer

+infested spider

+war axe


+enchanted furnace

+scorian weed (plant and food)

+blackbell shroom (plant and food) (there are 2 blackbell shroom that look the same but they give different effect when eated)

+longstem shroom (plant and food) (the same as the blackbell shroom)

+summoned zombie

+zombie staff

+wand of defense

Version 0.4 : The Pandemonium Update

+Mace of Pandemonium


+Pandemonium Warlord (the final boss of the mob)

+Molten core

+Molten ring

+Sword of the morning

+lesser Pandemonic sword

+Portal to pandemonium

+Pandemonic Skull (tier 1 to 10)

+Portal to pandemonium GUI

+Pandemonic Extinction (Achievement)

+Molten Mage,Golem and Knight

+9 New Boss! too many to write them


Custom features:

-Infliction sword : if right-clicked , it will deal some damage, but will also give you some blood

-farmer : if right-clicked with a golden ingot in the hand, it will trade it for a golden egg

-infusion cauldron : has multiple uses

 1. if right-clicked with the banterite berry, it will give you the crushed banterite

2. if right-clicked with the sur worm, it will give you the cooked sur worm

3. if right-clicked with the tarantula eye, it will give you the fermented tarantula eye

4. if right-clicked with the fermented tarantula eye, it will give you the tarantula potion

-Infested sur wood : if the block is right-clicked, has a small chance (10%) of giving you a sur worm

-worm breeder : if right-clicked with the sur worm in the hand (only not-cooked sur worm) has a small chance to fill the worm breeder with a net...and if right-clicked now...it will give you some string (2-4)

-goddess : if right-clicked with a golden egg , it will give you the golden tear

-sword of the nature : the retreated version can be crafted into the sword and vice versa

-merchant : you can trade with it...just right-click it and a GUI will open (it's a little buggy but...we don't care...do we?)

-toxic sword and toxic block: if right-clicked with the sword on the ground,a toxic block will be placed. this toxic block , after some tick , will spawn a toxic spider and then disappear

-(ok...this is hard to explain) golden parasite worm egg and colony : if right-clicked with the egg in the hand , has a small chance to give you the golden parasite worm. The colony is a block. if you place the block and wait some tick without breaking it , the block will disappear but some golden parasite worm egg will spawn

-Enchanted furnace : As a similar use to the enchanted cauldron...in fact:

1.if right-clicked with the blackbell shroom in the hand , it will give you the cooked blackbell shroom

2.if right clicked with the longstem shroom in the hand , it will give you the cooked longstem shroomb

-blackbell and longstem shroom : if they get eated not-cooked , they will give you bad effect. but if eated cooked , they don't give effects! =D

-zombie staff : if right-clicked in air , it will summon 2 "summoned zombie" , that attack some of the mob

-wand of defense : if right-clicked in air , it will give you resistance II for 10 sec

-Portal to Pandemonium : if right-clicked , it opens the pandemonium wave GUI

-Molten ring : if right-clicked , it will give you fire resistance


-New mob and boss (maybe from a TV series)


-new plant

-new weapon and tool


No bug for now! =D

if you have suggestion, please write them in the comment! And tell me if someone is available to do a mod review...thanks for everyone who download my mod and for all the future suggestion!

When will you continue modding?
Quando continuerai a creare mod? Non ne vedo da un pezzo!

Hello there, RaolTheBest. I didn't even think that someone could write me to "return modding", and i am really happy about this, thanks alot :) Btw, i am restarting to create mods and i will hopefully create bigger-than-ever mods.