Unlimited Awesomeness

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Welcome to Unlimited Awesomeness

This is the modpack with a lot of MCreator Mods no matter the size, attention, views and downloads, popularity or success.

1.6.4 – Outdated [Waves 1, 2, 3, Bugged]

1.7.2 – Outdated [Base]

1.7.10 – TBA

1.8 – Unsupported [Base, Optional Mods included

1.8.8 – Unsupported [Base, Alternative]

1.8.9 – Unsupported [Base, Optional Mods Included]

1.9 – Unsupported [Base, Alternative]

1.9.4 – Unsupported [Base, Alternative]

1.10.2 – Current [Base, Optional Mods included]

1.11.2 – Current [Base, Optional Mods Included]

1.12.2 – Current [Base, Optional Mods included]

1.14.4 – NEW [Base]

1.15.2 – TBA

1.16.5 – TBA


Link to the website: https://randomrainbowfish.wixsite.com/mysite/mods-and-modpacks



Some Essential and Important Mods:

  1. Optifine or Info/HUD Mods

  2. NEI, JEI, FEI, REI, etc

  3. All Waila/Hywla Mods (Waila/Hwyla, Waila Harvestability, Wawla, Fix For Waila (1.6.4))

  4. NoMoreIDConflict, JustEnoughIDs or NotEnoughIDs

  5. Other Mods You Want To Add

  6. Recipe Mods

  7. NoMoreRecipeConflicts

  8. LegacyJavaFixer


There are some rules to the modpack that must be addressed.

  • If you want to have your mod in the modpack, it’s pretty simple... Just upload a mod that is up and running and is compatible with other mods. If your mod is not compatible with a certain mod just say so.
  • However, the mod must be appropriate though. The mod can't be about drinking, drugs, or anything controversial.
  • This only applies to me when I am recording, the mod will still be in the pack, but not when I am recording. That means any mods that would fit the description above would be in the modpack, but not when I'm recording.
  • You may do whatever you want with the file in the pack (No tampering with the mod file or changing any sort of content).
  • The modpack will be released and updated every so often (depending on my availability).
  • There are some rules for credits. If you are recording at least provide in the description that I created the modpack and a link to the mod page. You may not use the modpack for any monetary reason. You can use it for YouTube videos.
  • If you have any suggestions on other modpack ideas, just comment below and I'll start working on them.


 The Optional Folders

1) Minipack -      These are the mods that can't work properly in the main modpack, so they're in their own modpack which is tiny compared to the main one.

2) Clashing Mods - These are the mods that clash with each other. They still work, just not with certain mods.

3) Just In Case -  These are just some other mods I put in just in case you wanted to try and put them in the main modpack.

4) Modded Murp -   These are the mods that have changed the texture of or removed a mod element from another mod. They can also rename things too.

5) Vanilla Murp -  These are the mods that change the texture of a Vanilla MC texture. (they don't remove anything)




All of my mods will be in the pack (if they work that is)

Any mod that has 0 Data will be deleted.

There are mods out there that add pretty much the same thing like adding emerald armor, lapis tools, etc. NoMoreRecipeConflict should resolve it so you choose what to craft. 

There are some mods that may change a Vanilla or a Modded Texture. I do not intend for this to happen and so they are in a separate folder in case you still want to use them


Update - Unlimited Awesomeness 1.14.4 has FINALLY been published


Current Mod List:

1) "Nonexistent+" by kotishe666
2) "Ukrainian Cuisine" by Marerjh
3) "A Table and A Chair" by Oranamous
4) "Advanced combat" by
5) "Advanced Throwables" by
6) "A Little Bit Of Fantasy" by rdyEmber
7) "Alchemistry And Combats" by NikG
8) "Ant Dungeons" by Dalilz
9) "ArcaneCraft" by Fredzik
10) "Arsenal Enhancements" by Derek
11) "Baker's Delights" by PopcornDailyForever
12) "Beetle industry" by Aaiee
13) "MC++" by awill
14) "Boss Music Mod" by Jason
15) "Bricks+" by U8322
16) "buildersboots" by aka1shi8
17) "BasicWarCombat" by AlexWalker007
18) "CanBuild" by AlexNompe
19) "Carbonated Drinks" by Enderite1089
20) "Chiseled Blocks" by Jakub2002r
21) "Classic Ben 10 Mod" by umtercan
22) "Criylium" by santumerino
23) "Custom Enchantments" by BlaBlaSillySheep
24) "Desert Oasis Mod" by Kermo
25) "Living Desert" by summerskeletons
26) "Doge Mod" by DogeKeen
27) "drillers" by OliMG
28) "EngineerStuff" by NikG
29) "Evolving's Weapon Lubricants" by Evolving
30) "Exploding Ore Mod" by NorthwestTrees Gaming
31) "Extension of Achievements" by Haternex
32) "Fantasy Armory" by PaperBagStudios
33) "Filkko" by eroto
34) "Fishy Berries" by laugexd
35) "Five Nights At Freddycraft" by Greenphx1
36) "woolo" by WIN10
37) "Greek Mythology" by TheMakerOfGods
38) "Gun Mod" by Hector
39) "GymCraft" by Leon90
40) "I Am A Rock" by NikG
41) "Upon Infernal Depths" by Sajevius
42) "JAVUM (Just Another Vanilla Upgrade Mod)" by TheGamingMouse
43) "Just Enough Decorative Blocks" by Jakub2002r
44) "Lantern Light" by sande
45) "Levapap Modification" by Levapap
46) "Life Force Mod" by Averous
47) "Logical Expension" by Didactox
48) "Low-Tech Quarries" by 1ceDragon
49) "Lucky World" by TheMakerOfMods
50) "MarsMod" by Willral
51) "Mo' Ores N' Tools" by MasKox
52) "More Blocks: Concrete" by Jakub2002r
53) "More Blocks: Terracotta" by Jakub2002r
54) "Mushafer Mod" by Gardon
55) "Mylah Lands" by JhonikGames
56) "MysticOres" by steph_000
57) "MysticPets2" by TheRed13_Gamer
58) "Six6Stars Container Mod" by NeoAnderson of Six6Star Studios
59) "FurnaceTutorial" by Matej
60) "SoulsAndMore" by napolitain
61) "StadiumCraft" by Leon90
62) "Stekc" by MILLMEDIA
63) "The End Expansion" by admin
64) "The Archery Merchant" by Great Lakes Railfan
65) "The Bohem" by NikG
66) "The Witcher Craft" by Death Awaits
67) "Treated Food" by MrEle
68) "UpgradeYou" by TheLuxureSlime
69) "Veraclase Tools" by Frozen
70) "Villagers' Shops Mod" by Kermo


This takes a long time to do. If you have any suggestions for some things like mods, modpacks, videos, etc just say so in the comment section.


Hope you all enjoy the modpack. Your adventure awaits...

Modification files
unlimited_awesomeness_1.6.4.zip - Unlimited Awesomeness | (1.6.4)8.34 MB
Unlimited Awesomeness 1.7.2.zip - Unlimited Awesomeness | (1.7.2)19.58 MB
Unlimited Awesomeness 1.8.8.zip - Unlimited Awesomeness | (1.8.8)16.59 MB

Changelog of Updates

  • Update -  2/13/17 - Wave 1 is finally published. (1.6.4)
  • Update - 2/27/17 - Wave 2 is now out. (1.6.4)
  • Update - 3/21/17 - Wave 3 is now out. (1.6.4)
  • Update - 3/27/17 - The Bugged one has risen. (1.6.4)
  • Update - 4/6/17 - 1.8.8 is released.
  • Update - 4/27/17 - 1.9 and 1.9.4 are released.
  • Update - 5/5/17 - 1.9.4 Version 2 is released.
  • Update - 8/23/17 - 1.9 and 1.9.4 Updated Links.
  • Update - 10/7/17 - 1.8.9 is released FINALLY!!! (It took a few months and maybe a year to do)
  • Update - 11/13/17 - 1.8 is released (took a while, not as long as 1.8.9).
  • Update - 1/28/18 - 1.10.2 is Released (Man it's a lot).
  • Update - 7/23/18 - 1.11.2 is released (Again it's a lot) + New Dropbox Link for 1.11.2 as well.
  • Update - 10/13/18- 1.7.2 is released.
  • Update - 4/13/19 - The Modpack files have now been moved to Dropbox from 1.8 - 1.11.2
  • Update - 1/8/20 - The files have been moved to a new website
  • Update - 5/10/20 - 1.12.2 is finally released.
  • Update - 6/3/21 - After some time, 1.14.4 is released
  • Update - 6/4/21 - Added a Mod List for the current modpack (1.14.4)

add a pikmin 3 mod pleas? If i could i would i just have trouble creating mob textures.

Hey guys, I'm feeling a bit down and sorry for the wait, my laptop is I'm the works getting checked for any hazardous viruses... Everything will continue smoothly when I get my smile back on my face. :(

@#8 Not Enough IDs would be good for higher versions (1.7.10 and 1.10.2). I have checked it out, it's a great mod, however it is for higher versions, besides I haven't even started on 1.7.10 (That may take months to do, and I had another modpack idea that may take months to do). Few minutes ago I have looked into MCreator Mods for 1.11.2 and I will see if it works properly.

Thank you for telling me about this mod though, I really appreciate this.
:D :) (: C: c: