Precious Stones And Minerals

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DIED OF: Awright, my harddrive decided to commit suicide so I lost the files, so no more updates. Once again, like the unfortunate fate of OreMobs, If MCreator made an update where its mods had its own extension (maybe .mc or somethin idk) they could program the ability to import mods into your workspace and work on them from there, but that'll never happen.




















And now I must work on something new. . . . . .

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Was the feature of upgrading Silver Swords with gems inspired by my mod? (because in my mod you can enchant Silver Swords with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethists, topachs and onixs in the same method of your mod)
Don't worry, you can use it. It's only a coincidence.

Custom biomes made with MCreator may be hard to find because there is no possible thing to make the biomes more frequent.