Geometry Dash - The Mod!

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Who can't fall in love with the amazing soundtracks, Cute characters, Pretty Community, And Many Awesome Features? Likely No-One, And this mod adds the game!


Update 1.0

  • Added Cube and Spider
  • Added some GD Blocks
  • Added Spider Guns & Legs*
  • Added 4x Speed (W.I.P)
  • Added collectibles (Expect Stars, User Coins, Keymaster Keys And Shards of Power)
  • Added many more GD that i can't remember xD


Better see the changelog... Or try yourself.


3%. Needs more cubes and More stuff. Likely Coming:

  • More Blocks
  • Vault Keepers
  • The Basement (Dungeon)
  • Shops, With Cube spawn eggs*, Death Effects, And more.
  • More Cubes
  • Death Effects (Work like a Throwed TNT and explode in ground touch. Will use particles)
  • Ahh... Almost Everything?
  • Unused Blocks (Won't be unused. They are: Solid Start-Pos and Shaker Vanish. Won't have glitch effects)
  • Resource Pack included: Many particle changes.

Won't Come:

  • Online Levels support. Will need a server.
  • Triggers (Unused ones and start-pos will be added, However)
  • Butts
  • Butts
  • Butts
  • Why i say butts?

Hope the biggest Geometry Dash fans will enjoy! Just don't enjoy too far, Theres a newer update... To add more enjoy.

*Not included on the GD games.

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1.1 Spoilers:

Start Pos (Normal and Solid) Death Effect 1 (The one you get at the game's start) Stars And Shards of Power

This mod is abselutely cool,but its not updated to 1.11.2!

Seems i won't move to 1.11.2 or 1.12. Ah, i will do new, EVEN COOLER mods. Ha :D

Nice mod
There are a lot of Geometry Dash players here :D

Plz update!!! I love it! IT'S A REVOLUTION!!!111 And one question, can you make upside down mode, other gamemodes (ship, ufo, THE WAVE WHICH I LOVEEE) and the purple dash orb, jump orbs, portals (dual,mini,and other), to make it look not only like parkour but be really like GD? That will be awesome!!! Go guy you can do it (10/10) :D

Submitted by Klemen on Wed, 08/08/2018 - 14:09

Please remove the hot-bar from the mod picture. Thanks!