A Cobalt World

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A Cobalt World

This mod relates to the story I have created for my Minecraft Character. It helps show how certain things happened and it's really hard to explain unless if you see the animations I made to go along with

A little info on the story: "Cobalt", as he is called now, didn't always look like a monster. He messed with something he shouldn't have and he let some dark creatures out into the world. These "Dark Ones" are only out to turn the beautiful creatures of Minecraft into their slaves. They take control of your thoughts and emotions and drain your memory and feelings. They make you hollow, and you only have one thought on your mind.. KILL. You start to look like the monster you're becoming until\ your mind fully fades away.. One of these creatures corrupted "Cobalt" and turned him into a complete monster. But somebody found him and..

~If you want the more of the story you will have to go to check out the animations I made on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXndFUMxoXwczgA3_SBfZg

Now onto what this mod includes!! [Still in BETA]

  • The Cobalt Creeper
  • Cobalt Ore
  • Cobalt Sword [Three Versions]
  • 2 Purity items
  • Various Cobalt Blocks
  • Creeper Souls
  • A BLOCK OF AWESOMENESS [Just a Rainbow Block]
  • -Lots more to come in the Future

BETA 0.2

  • Glitched Versions of all Cobalt Blocks
  • The Nobalt Creeper
  • Nobalt Sword [Three Versions]
  • Nobalt TNT [Bigger Explosion]
  • Nobalt Shards
  • Cobalt Shard Block
  • Nobalt Shard Block


  • 13 Amazing looking Cobalt Blocks!
  • 13 Amazing looking Nobalt Blocks! [Blow up Cobalt Blocks to get these]
  • Cobalt item texture taken from Terraria because of the story being related to Terraria so it made sense
  • Cobalt Sword added!
  • 4 Umbra Creatures in the beand new Umbra dimension, where shadows are everything! - Make a portal out of Cobalt Blocks and light it with the Portal Page!
  • Rainbow Generator! - Place an Block of Ore under it and power it with Redstone!
  • Cobalt/Nobalt Explosives! 
  • New Bloodclot Block unclots when powered with Redstone!
  • All Redstone must be set up in a circut like manner, just having a torch next to a block will not activate it. A Lever or button will and having a line of powered Redstone dust to the block will work as well.
Modification files
a_cobalt_world_beta_0.1.0.jar - First BETA Release of "A Cobalt World"Uploaded on: 03/15/2017 - 00:22   File size: 355.73 KB
acobaltworld_beta_0.2.0.jar - Second BETA Release of "A Cobalt World"Uploaded on: 03/24/2017 - 01:16   File size: 430.17 KB
acobaltworldbeta_0.3.0.jar - Rewrite of the entire mod and added a lot more! BETA #3!!Uploaded on: 06/14/2017 - 19:16   File size: 497.27 KB