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Welcome in Fred's Pack , this mod add many things .


  The Wastelands


  • Dead Block
  • Dead Grass
  • Dead Light
  • Protonium Ore
  • Dead Frame

Items & Materials

  • Protonium 
  • Protonium Nugget
  • Boosted Coal
  • Wasteland Igniter

Tools & Weapons

  • Protonium Blade
  • Protonium Multitool


To reach the Wastelands the player must craft the dead frame , to craft it the player must place an ender pearl in the center and sorround it with 8 cobblestone , place the Frames like a nether portal and ignite it with the wasteland igniter , crafted with a dragon breath and a stick.   The ore of the wastelands is the protonium , when cooked in the fournace it will give the gem , the main tool and weapon is the protonium blade and the protonium multitool.

Other things is the boosted coal crafted with a coal and a protonium nugget , crafted with a protonium , this coal is better than the normal coal.

​Enjoy this special mod :D

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