The Trash Bin Mod

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This is a trashbin mod. I would make this description short, but pylo's rules make me have to write in here. So I might as well just talk about it. All of that was just filler.

You can make the trash bin by using 5 iron and making an E X T E N D E D bucket. Once you have the trash bin, you can place it wherever (make sure there's no block above it otherwise it won't work) and right click it. It will open a gui. Put whatever you want to trash into the slots and press the "trash" button to delete them. There's a bug where if you use it twice in the same thing, it will give you back the item you deleted. So if you plan to delete it twice, close the gui and open it in order for it to work.

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Modification files
TrashBinMod.jar - The Amazing Trash Bin!37.09 KB

If you want me to add anything (Which you probably don't) just post it in the comments.