Craftable Command blocks 1.11.2

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Project status
In development
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This mod adds in many new items that allow you to craft a command block

Here are the titems that this mod adds:

  • Copper Ore/Ingot
  • Hardened Rubber Ore/Rubber
  • Copper Wire
  • Circuit Board
  • Command Central
  • Crafting recipes for Command Block, Repeating Command Block, and the Chain Command block



*It is highly recommended that you use NEI in conjunction with this mod so you can find all the crafting recipes.

Modification files
craftable_command_blocks.zipUploaded on: 05/25/2017 - 05:17   File size: 39.07 KB

good mod I really like command blocks but why you cant place command blocks if you are in survival and if you are creative you also need op so yeah I guess you can troll your friends put a command block in chest and make a trap when player open chest to get command block it drop lava or explode or drown player by closing iron door by making chest break redstone torch using piston is this your first mod? if so this is a really good mod if not you will be a really good mod maker some day maybe make command block tools and armor that execute commands.

@#1 Dear Johan,
Thanks for the supportive feedback and yes, this is my first mod. I'm not sure on why you cant place the blocks in survival, ill have to check on that. Also, ill see what i can do about the tools and and armor.