Published by guigs77 on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 13:00
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This mod is an alpha so be indulgent please.

This mod adds a weather detector.

It is crafted so that p = purpur block l = lapis lazulis g = glass

  g g g
   l l l
  p p p

Right click on the detector to get the other one.

Modification files


-weather detector rain

-weather detector clear

I add old TNT now but can you say me what block can i add

wow thats an awesome mod, i can see tons of uses for it. are you going to add anything else?

can you please add a combination lock block, that would be sick!

How did you get the half slab? I am trying to make a slab,but it is either invisible, or looks twice as tall as it should. Tried setting Max height to 0.5 and also obj+mlt file

you can add an color redstone lamps?
to change the color paint the classic redstone lamp with dyes oooor stanited glass :)