Ultimate Rpg

Published by Dragma2005 on Sat, 06/10/2017 - 19:52
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This is my biggest mod, Ultimate RPG! I hope you enjoy this mod :)

This mod adds so far:

5 Dimensions (One Biome Each)

22 Mobs (Including 5 Bosses, But One Has Two Forms, so 4 Bosses in Reality)

25 Blocks

31 Items 

19 Melee Weapons and Tools (Two Creative Only)

7 Armor 

4 Long Ranged Weapons (One Creative Only)

4 Foods (One Creative Only)

1 Creative Tab


This Mod Currently has 130 Mod Elements


(There Are 2 Creative-Only Weapons that are Incredibly Destructive, The Decimator, and the Annihilator)




Crafting Recipies can be found with JustEnoughItems. Thank you for downloading!




          Version 1.1.1, The Drop Fix Update

  • Fixed one drop that pretty much negated the last update.
  • Replaced 1.1.0 Download with 1.1.1



          Version 1.1.0, The Miner's Dimension and More
  • REMOVED Death Armor
  • BALANCED Combat
  • Added Mystical Dust
  • Added Stone of The Mystics
  • Added Mystical Manifest
  • Added Recipe for End Portal Frame
  • Added Arcane Altar (Boss Spawning Block)
  • Added Arcane Lord
  • Added Darkstone Block
  • Added Darkstone
  • Added Darkstone Armor
  • Added Darkstone Blade (Sword)
  • Added Dark Grass
  • Added Dark Blur
  • Added Red Blur
  • Added Darkstone Dimension and Biome
  • Added Ore Berry
  • Added Oreberries
  • Added Redrun Ore
  • Added Redrun
  • Added Gelshin Ore
  • Added Garsh
  • Added Spotted Starbuckle (Currently Creative Mode Only)
  • Added Redrun Potion
  • Added Oreberry Crunch
  • Added 3 Advancements, Dimension Newbie, Arcane Destroyer, And Dimension Explored (Not sure if these work)
  • Added Garsh Shooter
  • Added Haven Grass
  • Added Sunlands Dimension and Haven Biome
  • Added Recipe for Enchantment Bottles
  • Added Sun Lord Abraheim Boss (Two Phases/Bosses, but in survival you can't fight it/them yet.)
  • Added Indestinable Ore
  • Added Indestinable Gem
  • Added Dimensional Key
  • Added Blade of the Cosmos
  • Added Darkstone Pishoxe (Crafting it enchants it with efficiency)
  • Added Indestinable Cannon
  • Added Fuse Dust
  • Added The Decimator (Creative Only, warning MASS DESTRUCTION)
  • Added The Annihilator (Creative Only, warning MASS DESTRUCTION)
  • CHANGED Ender Beast



           Version 1.0.0, The Rift in Dimensions Update-


  • Added Ruby Ore
  • Added Magicus Ore
  • Added Brightstone Ore
  • Added Bloodstone Ore
  • Added Netherum Ore
  • Added Deepstone Ore
  • Added Mystical Ore
  • Added Rubys
  • Added Magicus Dust
  • Added Brightstone Gem
  • Added Blood Gemstone
  • Added Netherum Shard
  • Added Netherum Brick
  • Added Deepstone Fragment
  • Added Deepstone Chunk
  • Added Deepstone Block
  • Added Mystic Crystal
  • Added Mystic Stick
  • Added Ruby tools/sword/armor
  • Added Magicus tools/sword/armor
  • Added Brightstone sword
  • Added Bloodstone tools/sword/armor
  • Added Netherum tools/sword/armor
  • Added Infernal tools/sword/armor
  • Added infernal crystal
  • Added infernal Star
  • Added Reinforced Bone
  • Added Creative mode only Death Armor (Actually it is craftable with items availible in survival mode, but that will be changed)
  • Added Creative mode only Sun Sword
  • Added 13 Hostile Mobs - Will show names of all mobs in next update
  • Added 2 Peaceful Mobs - Will show names of all mobs in next update
  • Added 2 Bosses (The Ancient One, and Demon Lord Garr'ar)
  • Added Dimension: The End 2.0
  • Added Dimension: The Lower Nether
  • Added Dimension: The Mystic Lands
  • Added Ruby and Saphire blocks
  • Added Creative-only Sunstone Block
  • Added 3 Portal igniters (Ender Charge, Ender Warper, Everlasting Torch)
  • Added Mystic tools/sword/armor and a Mystic Bow
  • Added Ender shards and Ender Stones
  • Added Slimy Apple
  • Added Cursed Eye
  • Added Infernal Eye (Boss spawning item)
  • Added Eternal Flame
  • Added Ancient Shard
  • Added Ancient Altar (Boss spawning block)
  • Added (useless) Broken Sword
  • Added Condensed Mystic Block
  • Added Mystic Block
  • Added Mystic Grass
  • Added Mystic Ore
  • Added Deepstone Ore


          Current Mobs (H=Hostile, P=Peaceful, B=Boss):


  • Dark Wraith (H)
  • Ender Walker (H)
  • Blaze Overseer (H)
  • Watcher Ghast (H)
  • Wither Skeleton Warrior (H)
  • Ender Lord (H)
  • Lesser Demon (H)
  • Greater Demon (H)
  • Demon Lord Garr'ar (B)
  • Horror Beast (H)
  • Mystical Slime (H)
  • Arcanic Being (H)
  • Old Being (H)
  • The Ancient One (B)
  • Cow of Peace (P)
  • Meepling (P)
  • Arcane Lord (B)
  • Dark Blur (H)
  • Red Blur (P to You, Not to Dark Blur)
  • Sun Lord Abraheim Phase 1 (B)
  • Sun Lord Abraheim Phase 2 (B)
  • Ender Beast (H)

This mod sounds cool but there is already a mod called Ultimate RPG, also the mod review, we can't hear you because the sound is so low.

@#1 Well, I just searched Ultimate RPG and mine is the only one that comes up, sorry for bad sound in the video, and I think my mod crashes minecraft when you try to run it, I'll try to fix it, hopefully the next update for this mod/for MCreator will fix that. I hope eventually it will become enjoyable.