Ultimate Rpg

Published by Dragma2005 on Sat, 06/10/2017 - 19:52
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This is my biggest mod, Ultimate RPG! I hope you enjoy this mod :)

This mod adds so far:

5 Dimensions (One Biome Each)

22 Mobs (Including 5 Bosses, But One Has Two Forms, so 4 Bosses in Reality)

25 Blocks

31 Items 

19 Melee Weapons and Tools (Two Creative Only)

7 Armor 

4 Long Ranged Weapons (One Creative Only)

4 Foods (One Creative Only)

1 Creative Tab


This Mod Currently has 130 Mod Elements


(There Are 2 Creative-Only Weapons that are Incredibly Destructive, The Decimator, and the Annihilator)




Crafting Recipies can be found with JustEnoughItems. Thank you for downloading!

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version



          Version 1.1.1, The Drop Fix Update

  • Fixed one drop that pretty much negated the last update.
  • Replaced 1.1.0 Download with 1.1.1



          Version 1.1.0, The Miner's Dimension and More
  • REMOVED Death Armor
  • BALANCED Combat
  • Added Mystical Dust
  • Added Stone of The Mystics
  • Added Mystical Manifest
  • Added Recipe for End Portal Frame
  • Added Arcane Altar (Boss Spawning Block)
  • Added Arcane Lord
  • Added Darkstone Block
  • Added Darkstone
  • Added Darkstone Armor
  • Added Darkstone Blade (Sword)
  • Added Dark Grass
  • Added Dark Blur
  • Added Red Blur
  • Added Darkstone Dimension and Biome
  • Added Ore Berry
  • Added Oreberries
  • Added Redrun Ore
  • Added Redrun
  • Added Gelshin Ore
  • Added Garsh
  • Added Spotted Starbuckle (Currently Creative Mode Only)
  • Added Redrun Potion
  • Added Oreberry Crunch
  • Added 3 Advancements, Dimension Newbie, Arcane Destroyer, And Dimension Explored (Not sure if these work)
  • Added Garsh Shooter
  • Added Haven Grass
  • Added Sunlands Dimension and Haven Biome
  • Added Recipe for Enchantment Bottles
  • Added Sun Lord Abraheim Boss (Two Phases/Bosses, but in survival you can't fight it/them yet.)
  • Added Indestinable Ore
  • Added Indestinable Gem
  • Added Dimensional Key
  • Added Blade of the Cosmos
  • Added Darkstone Pishoxe (Crafting it enchants it with efficiency)
  • Added Indestinable Cannon
  • Added Fuse Dust
  • Added The Decimator (Creative Only, warning MASS DESTRUCTION)
  • Added The Annihilator (Creative Only, warning MASS DESTRUCTION)
  • CHANGED Ender Beast



           Version 1.0.0, The Rift in Dimensions Update-


  • Added Ruby Ore
  • Added Magicus Ore
  • Added Brightstone Ore
  • Added Bloodstone Ore
  • Added Netherum Ore
  • Added Deepstone Ore
  • Added Mystical Ore
  • Added Rubys
  • Added Magicus Dust
  • Added Brightstone Gem
  • Added Blood Gemstone
  • Added Netherum Shard
  • Added Netherum Brick
  • Added Deepstone Fragment
  • Added Deepstone Chunk
  • Added Deepstone Block
  • Added Mystic Crystal
  • Added Mystic Stick
  • Added Ruby tools/sword/armor
  • Added Magicus tools/sword/armor
  • Added Brightstone sword
  • Added Bloodstone tools/sword/armor
  • Added Netherum tools/sword/armor
  • Added Infernal tools/sword/armor
  • Added infernal crystal
  • Added infernal Star
  • Added Reinforced Bone
  • Added Creative mode only Death Armor (Actually it is craftable with items availible in survival mode, but that will be changed)
  • Added Creative mode only Sun Sword
  • Added 13 Hostile Mobs - Will show names of all mobs in next update
  • Added 2 Peaceful Mobs - Will show names of all mobs in next update
  • Added 2 Bosses (The Ancient One, and Demon Lord Garr'ar)
  • Added Dimension: The End 2.0
  • Added Dimension: The Lower Nether
  • Added Dimension: The Mystic Lands
  • Added Ruby and Saphire blocks
  • Added Creative-only Sunstone Block
  • Added 3 Portal igniters (Ender Charge, Ender Warper, Everlasting Torch)
  • Added Mystic tools/sword/armor and a Mystic Bow
  • Added Ender shards and Ender Stones
  • Added Slimy Apple
  • Added Cursed Eye
  • Added Infernal Eye (Boss spawning item)
  • Added Eternal Flame
  • Added Ancient Shard
  • Added Ancient Altar (Boss spawning block)
  • Added (useless) Broken Sword
  • Added Condensed Mystic Block
  • Added Mystic Block
  • Added Mystic Grass
  • Added Mystic Ore
  • Added Deepstone Ore


          Current Mobs (H=Hostile, P=Peaceful, B=Boss):


  • Dark Wraith (H)
  • Ender Walker (H)
  • Blaze Overseer (H)
  • Watcher Ghast (H)
  • Wither Skeleton Warrior (H)
  • Ender Lord (H)
  • Lesser Demon (H)
  • Greater Demon (H)
  • Demon Lord Garr'ar (B)
  • Horror Beast (H)
  • Mystical Slime (H)
  • Arcanic Being (H)
  • Old Being (H)
  • The Ancient One (B)
  • Cow of Peace (P)
  • Meepling (P)
  • Arcane Lord (B)
  • Dark Blur (H)
  • Red Blur (P to You, Not to Dark Blur)
  • Sun Lord Abraheim Phase 1 (B)
  • Sun Lord Abraheim Phase 2 (B)
  • Ender Beast (H)

Submitted by Skyzz on Wed, 07/26/2017 - 14:37

This mod sounds cool but there is already a mod called Ultimate RPG, also the mod review, we can't hear you because the sound is so low.

@#1 Well, I just searched Ultimate RPG and mine is the only one that comes up, sorry for bad sound in the video, and I think my mod crashes minecraft when you try to run it, I'll try to fix it, hopefully the next update for this mod/for MCreator will fix that. I hope eventually it will become enjoyable.