Destroyer54's Adventure Mod (Discontinued)

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Hello! This is my first mod and it has over 200 mod elements! This mod is currently in alpha stage and probably has bugs. Report bugs in comments. 

About Mod:

  • 61 New mobs
  • 3 Bosses
  • 20 new food items
  • 45 Items
  •  94 new tools and weapons
  •  33 blocks
  •   6 plants
  • and 21 new armors. 

Plans: Armor,tools, and weapons for tetrin, lava, xtres, ponnecen, zestres, and dartos. Finish Emadon and Block Brunt.

Adds new mobs, gems, blocks, and more complicated elements. 

How to install: Go to mods folder in .minecraft and unzip file you can get rid of the text document if you want and the .jar is the mod. 

Thanks for Mod of the week! If you want to review the mod put a link in the comments so I could see it and I might put the video for the showcase video.





The Power Update


Changed Stupid Player to always drop Brain

Changed All golems to drop their respective Gems

Tetrin,Zestres,Xtres,Ponnecen,Lava Gem, and Dartos get their armor sets, tools,weapons, and blocks.

Block Brunt is finished.

Teddy Biome is more common

Cave N Biome now spawns

Added Bloody Mask

Added Haunted Mask

Added Bloody Teddy and King Wraith Head

Added Correct Hitboxes for Hell Spider, Brown Recluse, Teddy Mite, Mega Wraith, and Zombie Cow.

Emadon Finished

Added Zmite and Xmite Block Shooter

Upped chance of getting Brain from Stupid Player and chance of Star Teddy Spawning

Added Haunted Dimension

Added Blood Wood

Added Spirit Cage

Added Blood Bucket

Added HauntedDimensionBiome(For Haunted Dimension)

Added Ghosts

Added Weather Rod

Fixed Gratuam Spawning

Fixed Platinum Ore name

Added Saddle, Name Tag, Red Dye, Green, Yellow, and Purple Dye Recipes.
Added Bloody Steve

Added Demon

Added Custom Sound for Demon

Added Scrambled Egg

Added Scrambled Eggs

Added Block Brunt Spawner    

Added Eyeless Monster

Added Blood Scale

Added Blood Scale Armor

Added Red, Green, and Yellow Peppers(Also their plants)

Added Ectoplasm




The Improvement Update


Added Wither Wraith

Added Wither Skeleton Block

Added Wither Skeleton Skull Recipe

Added Wither Skeleton Block Recipe

Revamped Haunted Dimension (More things going to be added here)

Added Blood Scale Block

Added Ice, Fire, and Skull book structures. (Two don’t spawn and one doesn't come with their book.)

Added Teddy Villager House

Added Dark Block Slab

Added Butter

Added Apple Pie

Added Baked Bread    

Added Blood Scale Sword

Added Ghost Knight Armor

Added Ghost Knight Sword

Added Ghost Knight

Added Ghost Knight Ingots

Fixed bugs

 This mod is discontinued. This is the link for the remade version…



Modification files - Bug Fix: Fixed drops of King Wraith1.76 MB - Improvement Update latest update2.73 MB

Can I ask how you got the armor in inventory textures to work, because for me they just show up as the purple and black missing texture block.. :/

I REALLY like this mod! and congrats on mod of the week! I would absolutley love if i can help you create this mod? i wont be able to make small textures such as the grapes... but i possibly could help with other textures! :P

If you would like me to help you just email me or reply to this comment saying you would like help or not.


Soon the improvement update will come out. It is not named well, but it will have better description and possibly a trailer. It will have 64 bit textured swords.

Improvement Update is out and tomorrow I will update snapshots and description.

Remade Version link