Ixygems For Minecraft 1.7.10 (v1.1) - Ixyworld Update!

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Welcome to the dark world of Ixygems. Ixygems are formed in the magma chambers of the Minecraft world and carry fiery souls inside each crystal. A new set of armour, tools, weapons and a block is now available. Will you unleash your fire?

V1.1 - The Ixyworld Update!

+ Added a strange vial, an ixygem tube filled with a mysterious liquid. Ixygel.

+ Added a new dimension, the ixyworld. Very similar to the nether, but is filled with oceans of ixygel and pockets of ixygem ores. IGNITER - STRANGE VIAL, FRAME - IXYGEM BLOCK


Hopefully in V1.2, we will hope to add mobs and presumably more blocks. Stay tuned. DEADLINE FOR NEXT UPDATE - 1ST OCTOBER 2017

Modification files
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Transmission Received

look's great
i can make a extension for this mod. I mean, this is to create an add on.

Transmission finished