Mob Statues & Bigger

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod was uploaded to show that I will keep uploading and updating my mods, This mod adds in mob statues that when right-clicked play a sound and drop an item, some statues even have extra features! Also once again use JEI for recipes, as I do not know how to link an image. Also Some mobs will have animated parts, this mod also adds bigger mobs with a the word Bigg before the name!

Modification files
mob_statues.jar - Latest Version - 0.3108.61 KB

Public Release


  • Creeper - Mini Explosion Particles, Gunpowder and Primed Creeper Sound
  • Charged Creeper - Explosion Particles, Gunpowder, Primed Creeper Sound and Charged Creeper Electrical animation
  • Skeleton - Ambient Skeleton Sound, Bones
  • Zombie - Ambient Zombie Sound, Rotten Flesh
  • Enderman - Ambient Enderman Sound, Ender Pearl
  • Polar Bear - Ambient Polar Bear Sound, Raw Fish
  • Spider - Ambient Spider Sound, String


Public Release Update 1(Future Update)


Because I made them small...

I looked at the actual mob model, then just divided each number(pixel by pixel textures) by 2,
Making them about 2 times smaller