Persona 3 Mod

Published by Vegetto on Sun, 10/15/2017 - 15:36
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Venture into the Dark Hour with this Persona 3 mod. This mod is based off of the hit PS2 RPG game titles Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. For now, the first few updates will start including various amount of shadows and later on, the addition of persona's. Much farther in the line, there will be a story mode so that you could relive the story of the hit RPG! (This first version is to let it be known that the mod is being made)


What's in the initial update (more in changelog):

-Blocks used to build Tartarus (Creative Only)

-4 Shadows (Trance Twins, Obsessed Cupid, Muttering Tiara, and Rampage Drive)

-Evoker (now works)

-Item cards (when right clicked in air, you get free items. This is dropped by shadows)


Next Update will include:

More shadows and a Tartarus Adventure Map




0.3.0 Features:

New Shadows



 -Crying Table (Tartarus Boss and normal)

 -Killing Hand

 -Sky Balance

 -Jealous Cupid

Added A Persona


New Sounds 

Temporarily Removed Zio Gems

Evoker now works and summons Orpheus on right click

Added two Easter egg mobs

Updated to Minecraft 1.12.2



0.0.2B Features:

 Added 8 new regular shadows:

   -Merciless Maya

   -Cowardly Maya

   -Black Raven

   -Wealth Hand

   -Magic Hand

   -Laughing Table

   -Head Balance

   -Wondering Cowardly Maya (Only shadow that spawns in the overworld hence "wondering")

1 New Tartarus Boss

   -Dancing Hand

1 New Storyline Boss 


New Items

   -Plume Of Dusk

   -Agi Gem

   -Agilao Gem

   -Agidyne Gem

   -Zio Gem

   -Zionga Gem

   -Ziodyne Gem

   -Shadow Fragment

New Block

   -Shadow Block

Added Dark Hour Dimension (temporary until actual Dark Hour is added)

Next update, can you add the bufu and garu line of skills and maybe a new persona?