Realistic Chemistry Mod

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This mod will add to your game a lot of new ores, blocks and objects, and most importantly, chemical reactions, with which you can get new materials, create new chemical compounds, including explosives. In 1.0.2 version:

5 new ores: tin, cooper, bismuthum, lithium and beryllium ores.

Tin and cooper ingots. You can use it to make a bronze ingot. Bronze ingots need to craft instruments.

Bismuthum crystall, beryllium and polonium ingots.

'Nuclear' explosive, made from trotyl and nitroglycerine. It compress pu239 core of atomic bomb.

Atomic bomb core. Craft from 'nuclear' exp., plutonium239 and 'urchin' - beryllium-polonium ball.

And atomic bomb, yes! Craft from AB-core, iron blocks and neutron reflectors.

Tritium tube. Now it's useless(

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RCM 1.0.0.jar155.79 KB
RCM 1.0.2.jar350.81 KB

I like the idea, maybe a suggestion is to try and make some sort of way to get all the main chemicals on the periodic table? Heck, if you're in the mood, make it an achievement line, where the player must collect each thing off the periodic table (well, most anyways, since like, there's a good 20 that are annoyingly pointless)