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My first decent mod with MCreator! The Jetpack Mod!

You are reading the description for probably the best mod ever. It adds lithium and jetpacks. Come on, anything's the best with JETPACKS! Anyways, I spent ages on this mod and there is a bug where once you put on the jetpack and take it off but I cant fix that I have tried everything. Anyways, here are the details of every new item. (P.S. all of these have been put in a handy little creative tab for people on creative mode!)

Recipes and Details

Okay, so the first thing you will find is lithium ore. It is usually around coal. No recipe, as ores can't be crafted.

When you mine the ore, you get 2 lithium powder. Powder can be used to craft lithium ingots, which is very useful.

Lithium ingots have many uses. Here is the recipe:

Smelt powder to get ingot

With the ingots, you can create blocks and li-ion batteries.

Lithium blocks are very dangerous! They look like obsidian but when powered with redstone, BOOM! Just like any overpowered lithium, they explode. Here's the recipe:

Each square in the grid filled with ingots to make blocks

Lithium-ion batteries, or Li-ion batteries for short, can also be made. These are useful for making a jetpack. Here's the recipe:

Redstone-ingot checkerboard pattern for batteries

Finally, the main star of the show, JETPACKS! These let you fly just like in creative mode! As said before there is a bug where once you put one on you can fly forever, even after taking them off. However, you don't take fall damage with them on! (you do without) Anyways, the recipe is here:

Jetpack shaped recipe, iron, battery and redstone

Downloads and Conclusion

As you can probably tell, I have spent ages on this mod and this page. The downloads are in the downloads tab at the top, along with the mod itself, the recipes in PNG format, and the source code.



Modification files
Jetpack-Mod-1.7.10.jar - Mod fileUploaded on: 11/17/2017 - 21:32   File size: 69.21 KB - Recipes in PNG formatUploaded on: 11/17/2017 - 21:32   File size: 27.9 KB
source.mcr - Source workspaceUploaded on: 11/17/2017 - 21:32   File size: 70.41 KB

Wow, cool! How did you make the jetpacks? Also, why aren't there comments here?