(Huge Update 4,0) Mushroom forest extension

Published by MarkusDK on Sat, 12/16/2017 - 11:27
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Mushroom forest is a biome found in the overworld and it got items that you need to build a portal that will bring you to the mushy land!

Mushroom forest is kinda peacefull at day until night where zombies and goblins will show up, and you think its dangerous then you haven't seen mushy lands

Mushy Lands are not candy land it is a super dangerous dimension where there all sort of threads. ----___ Recommending useing Mithril Gear before teleport into the land of evil____-----


See the wiki page for some more info and crafting recipes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jZK5Byf9lC7aPDECHX7zftGJgROZGmKRZ71…;

Modification files
Mushroom forest 4.0.0.jar - V4,0 download1.86 MB
Mushroom forest 3.1.1.jar - Download 3.1.1884.67 KB
Mushroom forest 3.0.jar - Download 3,0875.34 KB
Mushroom forest V2,5.jar - V2,5 Unstable version!764.59 KB

Version 4,0 changelog

-New mobs

-New dimension

-New blocks

-New items-

-More Gameplay

-Bug fixes


-New ore/gear


Can't wait to review it on my youtube channel! I will be as quick as I can to finishing it and uploading it 😃