Craft Of Empires

Published by LLG 123 on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 15:27
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This is the first real upload of my new mod Craft of Empires! This mod is based on the game Age of Empires iii. I thought it would be cool to make a mod based on another game. In this mod you can choose a civilization and build a colony and raise an army to fight your opponents! Each civ has their own unique unit and characteristics. Right now I only have the British and Dutch but as the mod updates I will add in more civs. Don't forget that this is just a Alpha version. Comment what you want me to add into this mod or have any issues. Have fun! Good luck!

Craft of Empires Wiki:

Modification files
COE Alpha 1.0.jar - Craft Of Empires Alpha 1.0611.39 KB
COE Alpha 1.1.jar - Craft Of Empires Alpha 1.1 : NEW UNITS: British Grenadier, Dutch Grenadier NEW ITEMS: Sapper Bomb BUGS FIXED664.67 KB

Alpha 1.0 [First Version]

Alpha 1.1: 

NEW UNITS: Dutch Grenadier. British Grenadier

NEW ITEMS: Sapper Bomb





I hope you guys are enjoying this mod as well as I am! Please note that if you notice any issues or errors that the mod might be causing then please comment the issue to me so I can try to fix it so it won't be there again in the next update. Thanks!