Forever Nether

Published by FlashFyre on Thu, 03/01/2018 - 14:25
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Welcome to my new mod primarily adding a new dimension - the deeper nether.

- Made from red nether brick
- Requires hellfire lighter, crafted from 1 flint & steel, 4 nether pearls around it and 4 blaze powder in the corners

New blocks:
- Fallen Meteor - found in the deeper nether - very explosive!
- Rose quartz ore - deeper nether - like quartz but redder
- Rose quartz block
- Lavastone - can be found very low down in the overworld but also in the deeper nether - spawns lava when destroyed. Has a 1/10 chance to drop nether pearls.
- Lava Lantern - crafted from 4 nether bricks (the item not the block) around a bucket of lava
- Wither Nether Brick - nether brick with a wither skull texture - crafted from 4 nether brick blocks around a wither skull, makes 4

New items:
- Nether Pearl - 1/10 drop chance from lavastone
- Glowstone amulet - gives the glowing effect when in inventory - crafted from 1 glowstone dust and 3 string
- Rose Quartz 
- Magma Blade - lights enemies on fire (has to be crafted in order to get the fire aspect enchantment), more powerful than a diamond sword
- Moltern Amulet - gives fire resistance when in inventory
- Volcanic Sceptre - Launches fire charges in a small range, highly dangerous and explosive

Future versions will most likely add things to make the dimension more interesting, such as structures.

Modification files
Forever Nether 1.0.jar - 1.0 Release244.39 KB

1.0 Release

- New dimension
- New Blocks
- New items
- New weapons
- Achievements

A very well constructed mod, hopefully I could do something like this in the near future.

How did you do the metor?
(I know with schematics and mcedit, but how did you added items from this mod to this schematic? Can i start mcedit with mods?)

A really bad mods compared to the others you made. Poorly made textures for blocks and really simple things.