The Silfin Mod [UPDATE !]

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Hey everyone ! Today I have made an update of my mod The Silfin Mod, that adds a Murasium Sword (the old Murasium Sword is now a BroadSword), a Murasium Knife, a sword called Ultimatum Sword, wich can be craft with two parts that makes a sword : the Pre Ultimatum Sword. Then, you need to upgrade again the sword to have the Ultimatum Sword (you need a Nether Star to do it). You can have a God Sword too wich makes 104 damages on the mobs. There is a new biome, the stone islands biome. So this is all, download the mod if you want to play with a God Sword and tell me what do you want in the mod. Bye bye ! (sorry bad ang)

Modification files
The Silfin Mod 0.2.jar - This is the mod, in 1.7.10.Uploaded on: 04/07/2018 - 11:56   File size: 163.55 KB