Gilded Arsenal

Published by Snakeypro1 on Tue, 06/06/2023 - 03:42
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Gilded Arsenal is a very WIP mod. This mod aims to add a few steampunk themed weapons mainly made using gold. 

Currently Implemented Weapons:

- Pistol (6 Ammo)

- Revolver (12 Ammo)

- Rifle (8 Ammo)

- Sniper (4 Ammo)

- Cannon (2 Ammo)

Note: To reload your weapon, you must have gunpowder in your inventory. Ammo is only consumed in survival mode.


Roadmap (Hopefully):

- Better Ammo System (new types of ammo, better reloading system, and more)

- On screen overlay/gui (Displaying current ammo, max ammo, and maybe even the type of ammo)

- More weapons/weapon variants (Mainly just weapon variants)

- More!


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