The Bebists Mod

Published by thebebist on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 19:18
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i recommend you use jei to see the crafting recipes

the recipes that jei does not show aswell as the items used to summon the bosses can be seen in the rune book


the source of power in this mod is a red magical crystal called power crystal wich can be turned into p wich stands for power


power crystals can be used as fuel in a crystal generator to generate 4 p / tick 

liquid power buckets can be used in the fluid generator to generate 8 p / tick

(or you can use solar panels and they generate 1 p / tick). if you want to see how much p you have you just need to hold the wand in your hand and the amount will get displayed over the hunger bar.

there are also 6 bosses to fight and a new dimension to adventure in


to summon the bosses you need the specific item required then and put the item in your right hand and R click the boss spawner




right click the wireless power node with a wand to change its mode

(you can replace the power infuser with whatever machine you want and the solar panel with a crystal generator or a fluid generator)


the tree farm, cobbelstone generator, power infuser, liquefier, industrial hammer and crusher all require p to work


if you have a suggestion feel free to tell me.

and if you find a bugg report it so i hopefully can fix it.

if you want to add this mod to your modpack  then you can do so! :) 


click here to go to the bebists mod curse forge.

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This mod is so cool :O
I haven't tried it yet, but I saw the images.
You should just improve the description: a good mod like this can't have a lowercase description :(

i just opened mcreator a few minutes ago and my mod is mod of the week :D

Hello I m a Italian observer. Your mod it s very well. My name is Diego. Give me your discord for join in a mod project.
My discord s tag is #0169