Lamps Mod

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In development
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Item: Flux

Crafting: Burn redstone in a furnace

Added: 1.0.0



Block: Flux Block

Crafting: Put 9x Flux in a crafting table 

Added: 1.0.0


Block: Clear Glass

Crafting: 5x Sand and 4x Glass

Added: 1.0.0


Block: Glowstone Glass

Crafting: 8x Glowstone Dust around Clear Glass

Added: 1.0.1


Block: Lamp of Time

Crafting: Put Clear Glass in all 4 corners, Put a Flux Block in between all the Clear Glass, Put a clock in the middle

Added: 1.0.0


About the Lamp of Time

Right-click to open the GUI and click on "Day" or "Night" to change the time

Modification files
Lamps-1.0.1.jar - Lamps-1.11.2-1.0.1Uploaded on: 05/22/2018 - 19:44   File size: 40.48 KB

Great Mod! you should also put a description of the block and items of what they do!