Simple Recycling

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Simple Recycling is a mod that adds a Recycler that converts your gold, iron, and diamond tools back into their materials! The Recycler runs off redstone blocks that are consumed in the recycling process. The Recycler allows you to get your materials back that you put into that tool. Both new tools and used tools are able to be recycled.

Items added in Simple Recycling:

  • Diamond Core

Blocks added in Simple Recycling:

  • Recycler

I hope that you enjoy my first mod! Having trouble with the crafting recipes? Download a mod, such as JEI, that can show crafting recipes for everything from every mod you have running.

Modification files
Simple Recycling 1.0.3.jar - Simple Recycling v 1.0.3Uploaded on: 07/07/2018 - 20:43   File size: 154.56 KB