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High Adventure Mod!


This is the High Adventure mod, adding all sorts of new things to your Minecraft world! This mod is a WIP, its purpose is to try and add more things to explore and make! I plan more biomes, dungeons, mobs, and possibly a new boss or three! For now, I have added in many items, plants, a few biomes, tons of ores, armors, tools, and even created a new kind of armor piece: the gauntlet! I hope for this mod to be a great big project, and would love for you to suggest anything you might think is useful, and if you'd like to help me go ahead to the bottom of the mod description or to the discord channel!

Things currently added in HA:

  • Bedrock Bricks!
  • Terra Quartz found in your overworld!
  • Aolia trees and the ore made from their crystalline sap, Aolium!
  • Crystals in all the colors of the rainbow, and then some!
  • A Gem Refinery used to refine Crystals into Gems and Diamonds into Refined Diamonds!
  • Leather Gloves and Gauntlets of every kind, from Iron to Diamond, Aolium to Terra Quartz!
  • Refined Diamond and Aolium armor!
  • Refined Diamond and Terra Quartz tools!
  • Magical Bismuth!
  • Rings! So, so, so many rings! A ridiculous amount of rings! Iron rings, Gold Rings, Bismuth Rings!
  • A new light source, Lobuds, the flowers of the glowing Lobelia plant!
  • The mysterious rare Midnight Rose and Midday Daisy!
  • Crystalpine Forests, with short little trees with crystals forming on them!
  • ENORMOUS pumpkins!
  • Clay soldiers!
  • Spooooooky graveyards (that for the life of me I couldn't find)!
  • Praisinlia forests, with leaves made of Emeralds!
  • A new dimension below the bedrock, with a unique way to access it!
  • An actual use for those freaking iron and gold nuggets!
  • Amethyst Forests!
  • New weapons and tools!
  • Nethermites!
  • And more to come!

How to do things in HA:

There's a lot of things to do in HA, lots of things to craft, as well as things to explore! I'm not going to explain how everything works, as I don't want to ruin the fun of finding out what things do, but I will explain the things that you won't know without help. So here we go!


New items:

All the tools in HA!




The tools, all crafted how you would expect!

All the many rings added in HA!








The rings, each of them with a unique ability (except for the plain iron and gold rings). Iron rings can be activated by putting them in your off hand, and gold and bismuth rings are activated by right-clicking. The crafting is shown below!

All the armor added in HA so far!





The armors and normal weapons, all crafted how you would expect!

All the special weapons in HA!




The special weapons, with the crafting recipes below!

All the gauntlets added in HA!




The Gloves and Gauntlets, used by putting them just into your inventory, the crafting is shown below!

All the materials added in HA!






The materials added, refined diamonds, terra quartz, bismuth, and all the crystal shards and gems!

New recipes:

The recipes for the gloves and gauntlets.






Gloves and gauntlets! To create them, put the materials into this shape in the crafting grid. This can be used for Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Terra Quartz, Aolium, and Refined Diamond.

The recipes for the rings.






Rings! There are many rings in this mod, and this is how you create all of the base rings. This recipe can use iron nuggets, gold nuggets, and bismuth.

The recipes for the Gem Refinery.






The Gem Refinery! This is the block used to refine gems and diamonds using iron nuggets. Make sure it's in that corner, as I can't make recipes slide yet.

The recipes for the gems.






This is a Gem Refinery recipe. Put in your choice of crystal color and an iron nugget and press refine to create a Crystal Gem.

The recipes for the Refined Diamond.






This is a Gem Refinery recipe. Put a diamond and an iron nugget in and get a Refined Diamond out!

The recipes for the mallet.






The recipe below uses the mallet, a tool specifically for putting gems on rings. Here is the recipe for it.

The recipes for the gem rings.






More Rings! This is the recipe for rings with gems. You can combine any gem with iron or gold rings, but bismuth can't handle the extra power of the gems. However, they do say that it's possible to create a special gem that can be used with bismuth rings... (All the recipes for the gem rings are shapeless.)

The recipes for the Void Ring.






This ring is a very special ring. This ring can create a portal to the caves below bedrock if you bring it to the bottom of the world and use it.

The recipe for Scythe.






The recipe for Seared Cutlass.






The recipe for Lightning Dagger.






The recipe for Speedy Saber.







The recipe for Throwing Knife.






The recipe for the Crossbow.






The recipe for bolts.







The recipes for the special weapons, the Scythe, the Seared Cutlass, the Lightning Dagger, the Speedy Saber, the Throwing Knife, and the Bolt and the Crossbow! You can use their abilities by right-clicking or attacking with them.

The recipes for Saws.








The recipes for saws! All of them mare crafted like this! They can be used as weapons and axes, and attack faster than axes!

Along with all of these recipes, there are also recipes for a Refined Diamond block and a Terra Quartz block, but I'm sure you can figure those out. You can also create Lobuds by putting a Lobelia flower into the crafting grid anywhere, and you can smelt down praisinlia leaves into emeralds. There's also two more, they say by combining the tears of a ghast with a special flower and a clear gem you can create a mysterious gem...

I need your help!

I can't do everything myself, and there are some things that I am no good at and could use your help. If you can create schematics of dungeons that I or you design using custom blocks and entities or can create models for mobs, please please please leave a comment below or on the discord channel with what you'd like to help out with and I'll try to discuss options with you. Keep in mind that I can't work with everyone, so please don't take offense if I decline you or don't respond.

As a final thought, please report bugs and suggestions so I can make this mod better. Also, there are some people who have generously volunteered to help with my mod, PixelDotExe or _-A-_ and Grill!

I have a few mods that I think are great to play with while you play HA! Those are The Tons of Mobs mod by TomtheVillager, The Crystallia by Sporadic Splash, and Fate/Craft by Eonaut.

I hope you enjoy playing with my High Adventure mod and thank you for reading all this!

(The shaders used in the pictures is Chocapic shaders with optifine.)

Modification files
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The first release of HA! This adds so much to your game, and more can be read about it above!


The second release of HA! This release adds:

  • New unique textures for every gem and ring!
  • Nethermites!
  • Special weapons the Scythe, the Seared Cutlass, the Lightning Dagger, the Speedy Sabre, the Throwing Knife, and the Bolt and Crossbow!
  • The Amethyst Forest, as well as leaves and wood for it!
  • The Midday Daisy, Gem, and Bismuth ring!
  • Saws!
  • Fayelia flowers and edible petals!

Thank you!! I'm going to have to do that when I can!

Thank you!! I'm going to have to do that when I can!

yo, if you want to be able to slide recipes around the crafting grid, you either have to make multiple recipes or edit the source code of the recipe and copy+paste the part that actually adds the recipe, changing the slots that it uses.

gg on mod of the week this mod looks amazing especially the details

This looks amazing! It has really original ideas, and everything works well, like its normal minecraft features. Also you have really good texture making skills :) Atleast.. better then mine :v If I could do anything for you, you got my help ;)