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Submitted by RolerGames on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 21:26
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Cheat quickly!

This mod can help you in some moments (ex: you forgot to set keepInventory to true and a zombie is killing you or you are falling and you don't have time to write the whole command /gamerule keepInventory true, with this mod you can just type /k and press Tab on your keyboard...)

Beta 1.0 adds to minecraft:

GUIs (F4 to open)

- Shortened commands:

 -/summon creeper\zombie\spider\enderman\giant\iron_golem\ender_dragon\snowman\villager =                     /screeper\szombie\sspider\senderman\sgiantzombie\sirongolem\sdragon\ssnowman\svillager

 -give <player> minecraft:command_block\barrier\diamond\emerald\gold\iron 1\tnt\flint_and_steel\redstone_torch\torch\diamond_sword\golden_apple\sponge\ =   /gcommandblock\gbarrier\gdiamond\gemerald\ggold\giron\gTNT\gFS\gredstonetorch\gtorch\gdiamondsword\ggoldenapple\gsponge

 -time set 6000\12000\13000\18000\23000\1000 = /noon\sunset\night\midnight\sunrise\day

 -/setblock <x> <y> <z> obsidian\iron\gold\diamond\emerald\tnt\sponge = /pobsidian\piron\pgold\pdiamond\pemerald\pTNT\psponge

 -/xp 1000L = /gxp

 -/gamemode creative\survival\spectator\adventure - /creative\survival\spectator\adventure

 -/gamerule keepInventory true\false - /keepinventory\dontkeepinventory

- Commands:







If you want to fly in survival activate the fly mode while swimming or falling!

(Press F4 to open the quick cheat panel)

My mods:

- Vanilla+

- Christmas+

P.S. Write on my forum topic what commands should I shorten or add.



Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Beta 1.0

- Completely updated GUIs

- Obsidian recipe moved in an another mod (Vanilla+)

- Shortened commands:

 -/summon creeper\zombie\spider\enderman\giant\iron_golem\ender_dragon\snowman\villager =                     /screeper\szombie\sspider\senderman\sgiantzombie\sirongolem\sdragon\ssnowman\svillager

 -give <player> minecraft:tnt\flint_and_steel\redstone_torch\torch\diamond_sword\golden_apple\sponge\ =     /gTNT\gFS\gredstonetorch\gtorch\gdiamondsword\ggoldenapple\gsponge

 -time set 6000\12000\18000\23000 = /noon\sunset\midnight\sunrise

 -/setblock <x> <y> <z> tnt\sponge = /pTNT\psponge

 -/xp 1000L = /gxp

Alpha 1.8

- Updated GUI

- 2 food items removed (because of the MCreator bug)

- Added obsidian block recipe

- Added commands:


- Shortened commands:

/setblock <x> <y> <z> obsidian\iron\gold\diamond\emerald = /pobsidian\piron\pgold\pdiamond\pemerald

- updated commands:

/give <player> minecraft:command_block\barrier\diamond\emerald\gold\iron 1 = /gcommandblock\gbarrier\gdiamond\gemerald\ggold\giron

Alpha 1.5


- Quick cheat GUI

- 2 food items

- Shortened commands:

/give <player> minecraft:command_block\barrier\diamond\emerald\gold\iron 1 = /commandblock\barrier\diamond\emerald\gold\iron

- Added commands:





Alpha 1.0

Shortened commands:

/time set day\night - /day\night

/gamemode creative\survival\spectator\adventure - /creative\survival\spectator\adventure

/gamerule keepInventory true\false - /keepinventory\dontkeepinventory

To be included in next build:

- Quick cheat GUI

- More cheats


Submitted by RolerGames on Mon, 09/17/2018 - 19:53

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Submitted by Tom030708 on Sat, 01/26/2019 - 10:58

I like to cheat, your mod is updated soon? Mine too! Good mod!