Color Traveler Mod

Published by Pixelman_X on Mon, 08/13/2018 - 14:22
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1: The Story :

In the colorful universe, all the colors were in peace. But during the tournament of colors where the teams of each colorful country compete in games, someone assassinated the master rainbow, Hamonial.
Each Colorful Country in conflict, they had to separate. The colored chiefs being sisters, had difficulty accepting their destinies. They were now hating their father's killer.

2: Your Mission :

-Find and kill the killer, while facing the fury of the Sisters of Colors.

-Get better weapons than diamonds, using ores found

- From red to purple the 6 colors are there to help you in your quest.

-Only the gray is hard to find, the rest and less rare than the diamond.

-You will need 8 balls of color and an iron ingot for 1 ingot of color!

-Substances and Models are travelables.
  Good luck
             -The Planet of the 8 Colors

Modification files
[1.12.2]ColorTravelerMod- 1.0.0.jar - The first update384.71 KB
[1.12.2]ColorTravelerMod- 1.1.0.jar - The Update of Dooms645.46 KB
[1.12.2]ColorTravelerMod- 1.2.0.jar - The Rainbow Update879.71 KB

Version 1.0.0 :

-Add Katanas

-Add Colorful Ores, Balls and Ingots

-Add Colorful Swords

-Add Colorful Powerballs

-Add Colorful Sisters


Version 1.1.0, Update Doom :

-Add Red, Orange and Yellow Dooms

-Add Alice the Solider


Version 1.2.0, Rainbow Update :

-Add Rainbow stone, Cobblestone and stonebricks

-Add Wither Substance

-Add Wither Grey Substance

-Add Color Mixer

-Add Item Mixer

-Add Rainbow Stone Model, we can go through

-Add Powered and Unpowered Rainbow Gemstone

-Add Harmony, The Rainbow Woman