Beta Cursed World V.1. Closed

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Project status
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Currently In Mod Update For Beta

----Vampire Realm 50/50 


----Vampire's                                                                                                                    Recipe's Will Be Released After Upload 

----Thrall's                                                                                                                        Maybe A little Stupid but i'll improve them as we go

----Crystal Tool's Best Weapon and Pic In Game 

---- Bug Improvement's


-- Coming Soon

--More Crystal Tool's

---More Mob's

---Fixed World layout

--- Fixed Vampire World

--- More Gun's

--- Bug Improvements

--- New Texture's 

For All Crystal Items will be retextured

New Gun Texture 

BloodBrick Update


Modification files
CursedWorldV1Beta.jar - Is a beta crashes may happen and all items will be remade and retextured if decided upon more features will come upon thefeature193.56 KB
CursedWorldBetaV1.jar - --Updated-- !!Download instead!!225.5 KB
  • - Retextured Realm
  • - Retextured Gun's Rifle And Pistol 
  • - Majorly Lowered Vampire Health and Power
  • - Removed extra textures that are useless for Speed and Performance 
  • - Crystal Armor 

- Beta v2
Coming Soon


Will have



And other that  come to mind


UnderGround Blocks 

UseFull Body Gaurd 

New Guns 


The Vampires had a error
- Had alot of hearts aura
- removed them now back to normal
- vampires aint meant to be messed with btw but worth it