Herbs 3D

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Hi, would you like to have more plants? so here I have Herbs 3D ! There is a bit of food in it! :) And 1 new Biom and plenty of plants. even though we are in the development so you can write us about the bugs and what you would add there for the plants or foods we like to add or repair, something to describe the mod is so far the experiment so it is some risk, adds Plants and Food.


2D plants : https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/herbs


WARNING!   Herbs and Herbs 3D  do not work together


To do list:                                                                                       explanatory notes:

  • Food                                               25%                                × - it still does not work
  •  All Plants from mod Herbs  65%                                - is already working on it
  •  3D models                                  65%                                 ✓ - done
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+ Bugs repaired