Elemental Magic Mod

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This mod adds 6 main elemental classes with separate powers and abilities:







Each element has one of the following things:

-A base spell

-A "disaster" spell (Eruption, Tsunami, Thunderstorm, ect.)

-A new dimension (Portal Frames: Fire = Magma Block, Water = Prismarine, Thunder = Gold, Air = Diamond, Ice = Packed Ice, Earth = Iron Block)

-A portal spell to light the portals

-Unique mana that can be found underground in ores, with the exception of air and thunder. (They are found in hills and mountains)

-A dragon boss, each which (rarely) spawn in the overworld (and the fire dragon spawns in the nether and thunder dragons spawn when an air dragon is struck by lightning. They have 150 health.

-Dragons rarely drop dragon spells that throw exploding dragons

-Swords!! (why not)

There is also a generic mana item that is crafted from all 6 mana that is used to make the Omega Blade.




Modification files
elementalmod.jar - download and place in mods folderUploaded on: 12/26/2018 - 19:43   File size: 2.44 MB

Wait I figured it out i was trying to use the portal summoner on nothing and so I didn't read the description very clearly lol

Wow you have so many downloads. My mod has similarities to this one, maybe you wanna check out the description and see if you like it