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Published by liseczeq on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 13:38
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Magmatic Foundation

A mod that I made up from couple of my ideas, still in the early development stage, will be updating it.

How to obtain all things:

  • Magmatic tools, fragments, shards
  • Smooth obsidian and obsidian brick
  • Magma brick
  • Light essence and shadow torch
  • Basalt

Magmatic tools

The main feature of this mod is the magmatic tools. To make them, you need to mine a lot of obsidian and magma blocks.
To make the magmatic ingot needed by the tools, you need to craft magmatic fragments, which are composed from 3 magma shards.

To obtain magma shards, you first need to put obsidian into your crafting grid to make 4 obsidian shards:
Sorry no image :(

Then, you need to combine these with 5 magma blocks to create shards:
Sorry no image :(

Great! Now you need quite a lot of these to craft ingots, but it's worth it - the tools you're about to make are AWESOME!

Now, craft magmatic fragments by joining 8 shards with obsidian:
Sorry no image :(

Now, FINALLY, you need to create three of these for a single finest magma ingot.
ALSO: Don't craft all of them into ingots, some recipes like the sword needs fragments as well as the ingots!
Sorry no image :(

Whoah. Overall, to craft one ingot of magma you need 27 obsidian and 120 (64+56) magma blocks.
Worth it? I don't know...

Obsidian Tool Rod and Sword Mount

Magmatic tools use obsidian rods instead of wooden sticks, because wooden sticks would have burned!
Obsidian rod is crafted like this:
Sorry no image :(
Obsidian sword mount is, as the name suggests, needed only for the magmatic sword.
It's crafted like this:
Sorry no image :(

Magmatic Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe

Simple crafting recipes, similar to vanilla ones.

Sorry no image :(

Sorry no image :(

Sorry no image :(

The shovel is the only one that is built diagonally:
Sorry no image :(

Magmatic Sword

The sword deals whopping 17 base damage, enough to kill a creeper in a single crit.
Sorry no image :(

Obsidian blocks

Smooth obsidian

Just put two obsidian blocks, and you get four modernistic smoothened obsidian!
Sorry no image :(

If you piece those four together, you can make less modern but more medieval-style bricks!
Sorry no image :(

Magma brick

Magma bricks are made out of two base materials used to make tools:
Sorry no image :(

You can also make the magma wall:
Sorry no image :(

Light essence and shadow torch

Light essence is made out of two glowstone dust.
Sorry no image :(

You can make some shadow torches with it (They're buggy, but they work if you just have them on the floor)
Sorry no image :(


You can find basalt deep underground, on the level that diamonds generate in, but it's much more abundant.
Sorry no image :(

Sorry no image :(

Smooth basalt is pretty smooth indeed...

Sorry no image :(

And bricks are pretty divided and smooth. (Made from 8 smooth basalt not to be confused)


That's pretty much it, thanks for downloading and checking it out for yourself :)

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