MEZICRAFT 2: 100+ Dinosaurs! [UPDATE]

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MEZICRAFT 2:  100+ Unique Dinosaurs!



PS: I'm now taking requests! (Mostly because your ideas are way better than mine.)


MeziCraft 2 is a mod better than the original MeziCraft. The dinosaurs models, textures, and behaviors are greatly improved. All the improvements listed below.


These improvements include:


-More dinosaurs!

-Every dinosaur has a fun and interesting use!

-MeziDimension was improved!

-Better textures! (They needed to be improved.)

-Better models! (Especially the ornithomimids!)

-Hitboxes are accurate, so a Trex can no longer fit through a two block space!

-More varied dinosaur noises!

-Fish and pterosaurs added!

-More plants!

-Cool weapons!

-More blocks!

-More armor!

-More liquids!

-One ore as well!

-New trees!

-New structures!

-New dimension!



I'm so glad I can finally publish another MeziCraft mod, and I hope you enjoy it!


Ahhhhh, MeziCraft, the mod that died because of a fatal MCreator error. It actually deleted everything in the mod and I could never edit it or even export it again.

5 (no joke) more attempts over the years to make a new MeziCraft, all failed, even when I completed the mod, it would always bug out.

Then I finally exported the mod, after making a new and much more superior mod, this one.



Updates coming soon! :)

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
MeziCraft2 1.12.2.jar - V:1 MeziCraft 2 (1.12.2)7.47 MB
2MeziCraft 1.12.2.jar - V:2 MeziCraft 2 (1.12.2)8.04 MB
MeziCraft2V3 1.12.2.jar - V:3 MeziCraft 2 (1.12.2)8.16 MB
MeziCraft 1.12.2 V4.jar - V:4 MeziCraft 2 (1.12.2)9.23 MB

V:2: More Dinosaurs Pack


-Added Stegosaurus

-Added Kentrosaurus

-Added Toujangosaurus

-Added Dracorex

-Added Acrocanthosaurus

-Balanced dinosaurs

-Added more weapons

-Added more items

-Balanced basically everything.


Hope you enjoy! 





V:3: Trees and structures pack


-Added 4 different types of trees that generate in the dinosaur world.

-Added many structures to spawn randomly underground and above ground.

-Balanced a lot again.

-Added a fun new weapon to play with.


Hope you enjoy this too!





V:4: Carboniferous Expansion


-25+ New prehistoric creatures!!!


-New EXPLOSIVE weapons!

-New blocks!

New food!

New items!

-Balanced things.


Hope you enjoy this one the best!!

This does not let me download, I dont know what's wrong, just gives me an error every single time!

Submitted by ALEXYSSSJ4 on Sat, 01/05/2019 - 18:42

hi good mod ,hey you could add that the dinosaurs loose a little more meat also more uses for the bones and claws and that can domesticate the dinos and fishes . and you plan to translate into Spanish I could do the lang and send it to you by discord

Submitted by ALEXYSSSJ4 on Sat, 01/05/2019 - 23:04

and one more thing as the portal is done for the dinosaur dimension