Breaking's Too Many Foods Mod

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A mod that I made that adds many new foods you can find and craft! I made this mod using the MCreator application, so be sure to check them out and maybe make a mod of your own! In this mod I have added new world generated plants, crops that you can farm, and new foods you can craft and smelt. Some of the world generated plants you can find are berries. You can find numerous amounts of berries on bushes, some are helpful and others are poisonous. Some of the berries you can find are strawberries, blueberries, hollyberries, and many more! You can also find tomato plants generate around the world. There's also new seeds you can find from punching grass. Currently the only foods you can farm are strawberries and peanuts, but many more will be added in future updates! You can also craft and smelt new foods such as sausages, hamburgers, cheese, fried eggs, chocolate, and many more! The textures in this mod are mostly simplistic and have the same aesthetic as vanilla minecraft. It's also worth noting that this is the first release of this mod and still needs a lot of work. If you have any issues with the mod then let me know in the comments or you can leave some suggestions and/or improvements you would like to see implemented into the mod! - Breaking


Release 1.5
"The Farming Foods Update"

- added the ability to farm blueberries, rice, and tomatoes
- added beans and cooked beans
- added bowl of beans and bowl of cooked beans
- added bowl of rice
- added sushi
- added mashed potatoes
- added strawberry cake
- added blueberry pie
- added mushroom pie
- added very berry pie
- added fermented hollyberry
- added fermented beautyberry
- added fermented crazeberry

- removed the ability to obtain strawberry seeds from grass