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Submitted by derwolf019 on Wed, 02/06/2019 - 01:29
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I know, I died for 3 months, but i'm back to the scene!

This will be the master page for my mod publishing!


Unzip the contents of the /mods folder in the /mods folder of your minecraft installation.



This is the first update!:

WolfCore: anything needed to make things work right.

Concrete Module: just as the name says, it adds cement and concrete, cement it's a powder that when rightclicked with a water bucket becomes concrete, magic, I mean science! o/.

Primitive Bricks Module: adds old techniques of brickmaking, using both dirt and gravel and sand to make visually appealing building materials!

Exploration Module: adds in a new biome and a new ore (complete with toolset and armor!), in addition of 3 new stone types!

NEW STUFF!: Magic Module: I want another round with this thing of magic mods!


Suggestions for more modules go here:


Where are the recipe pages?

I just doesnt have time to do that, so just grab chicken_bones' NEI:


Whaaaat?! you are still stuck in 1.7.10?! go to/ update to x.x.x version!

NOPE. just no, you cant tell me what to do.

Meh, i'm going to, as the circumstances help me to, it will be for 1.12.2


How we can make reinforced concrete?

1-place a rebar block in the ground.

2-place cement powder on the top of the rebar block.

3-wait till them get into one block...

4-click it with a water bucket.

5-and voila!


How we can make bricks of dirt and gravel or sand?

1-make compound blocks of dirt and gravel (skip this one if you are using sand)

2-place a brick mold on the floor.

3-place the desired material.

4-wait till it gets inside the mold...

5-rightclick the full mold to leave only the bricks

6-wait till the bricks dry (skip this one too if you use sand)

7-Once the bricks dried, break them.

8-craft your brick blocks!


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