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Submitted by derwolf019 on Wed, 02/06/2019 - 01:29
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I'm not Dead yet!

Updates always will come, it might be slow, but the highschool never leaves much free time.

This is a mod with a Mekanism-like concept (doesnt focus on specific things.), where aside from machinery, biomes and some little stuff its added, like scaffolds.


Textures, models and sounds arent definitive, and suggestions or constructive critics are welcome.


Block List:

Tech or Tech-related:

Grindstone: Ore duplication for early game, and has a upgraded version with bonus output but runs from power.

Redstone Burner: uses energy to burn planks into charcoal.

Coal Press (currently unusable, it will be usable till the MV network its completed): Combines obsidian with Coal blocks to create diamonds.

Recycler: Uses unuseful stuff to make debris that can be used in furnaces, the ratio its 2 items for 1 debris.

Combustion Generator: Generates energy with the use of fuel cans.

Iron wire: Basic energy transportation device.

Low Voltage Storage Unit: stores up to 1024 energy units.

Industrial Grade Cement and Concrete: Cheaper, better and explosion proof concrete.

Nuclear reactor core: Generates steam.

Steam Turbine: uses the steam from the reactor core to generate energy.



Sakura planks and Wood


Mud Bricks

Sandy Bricks


And Probably many stuff that I forget that exists.


Suggestions, bug reports and unstable releases go here:


The instalation its the same as any other mod.

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