Exploration Expansion Beta 2

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Exploration Expansion: Beta 2 - Dimensional Discovery


This mod is going to be a exploration overhaul.

There are (going to be) many new features.

For instance:

A very unique generation system in caves.

A overhaul of the nether.

New Dungeons.

New Villages.

New Bosses.

New advancements.


There are already a lot of things in the mod,

Here are some new things:


so many mobs





These are new mobs

as you can see there are new slimes, variants of mobs, special mobs, ect.





overhauled nether





This is the nether with an overhaul.

There are new structures like spikes, towers, trees, caves.





new biomes


There are currently 9 new biomes:

The ruins, little tree forest, big tree forest, ice plains, ice hills, the wasteland, desert spikes, desert Hills, cacti desert.

















As you can see there are 4 new dimensions.

1.jungle caves Dimension








2.Mushroom Caves Dimension


3.New End Dimension

The End?











4.New Nether Dimension

So Hot












x0 y z0 + wand?







For now.................

There are new bosses for every dimension


So hard


And one giant temple with one giant boss


Giant temple

Giant Boss
















And of course A lot of Caves/Cave decorations.





This mod has 448 Mod Elements (if you are interested)

And this mod uses over 10000 Procedure Blocks(if you are  interested in this too)


oh and someone asked for a discord so here it is :) https://discord.gg/U47Tk6x


I hope everyone can enjoy this mod.

thanks to everybody who congratulated me for mod of the week or said something nice. :)


can you find the secrets?


Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like everybody wants to know how to make cave decorations like this

i used a new block that block generates a lot in the world.
it checks for air on top and underneath itself.
if there is air than it has a chance to spawn a spike.
if there isn't than it does nothing.

Its really simple.

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i just started and i hope i can make something as cool as this someday

Is that first boss Plantera? Because that could definitely pass for Plantera.

This is the kind of high-quality mod that proves that MCreator mods should not get banned from Planet Minecraft.

True, the issue is that people still think that MCreator is the same as it was 3 years ago. Now almost anything is possible to be made and we are working to make more and more possible.

Submitted by Memeseus on Wed, 03/13/2019 - 18:14

Is there a way you could export the procedure that spawns the spikes and link it? I can't seem to get it right

Submitted by augit2 on Sat, 03/16/2019 - 19:00

Hi, which programm do you use, for custom block and mob model, i don't find it.