Donut Craft

Published by supermj767 on Mon, 02/18/2019 - 19:40
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Minecraft Forge mod
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                                                        Donut Craft

This Mod Adds Over 100+ Donuts To Minecraft


I would name out all the donuts but there's just too many!

This mod might not get any more updates, its up to you, just comment to tell me that you want an update and i will probably update :D

Each Donut Has Its Own Crafting Recipe And Effect! (some donuts are better than others)

Don't publish my mods on other websites without my permission!

Finally Donuts!

Just download it you got nothing else to eat in minecraft, and bread is just boring :P (well other than Smelt Dat Bred)

Modification files
Donut Craft.jar - Donut Craft (1.12.2)1.25 MB

This mod adds alot of donuts to minecraft (obviously)