Squiby's Adventure Mod!

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In development
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Latest supported Minecraft version

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Have you wanted more in Minecraft? Well this mod will enhance your experience with new structures, mobs, items, armor, and weapons! Use the starwand, terraprisma and endite sword to take on the Shadow, the Endercreeper, and the Mimic! Explore the vast forgotten cave, a cave filled with oceans. Ride the Weeping Ender across the end barrens, and the skelecow across the deserts! Trick people with fake Netherrack, stone and endstone! And rediscover the red obsidian and nether reactor core, both with astounding properties! And before your next battle, insert the Megalovania music disc into a jukebox, to add more epicness to the fight! But beware the Eye of Cthulhu, which roams the forgotten cave... 

Modification files
Adventure.jar - 1.15 (old)Uploaded on: 02/06/2021 - 17:09   File size: 4.86 MB
squibys_adventure_1.1.jar - 1.16.4 (new update)Uploaded on: 03/22/2021 - 00:32   File size: 5.43 MB

New bosses:

-Sea empress

-Prime Necromancer

-Djin knight


New traders:

-botanist (emeralds)

-netheral healer (gold)

-painter (emeralds)

-netheral brewer (gold)

-enderian zealot (endite)

-scholar (emeralds)


new enemies:



-wart hoglin


new blocks:


-marble stairs

-marble slab

-marble wall



-eye of cthulhu nerfed to miniboss

-red obsidian can now be crafted with magma blocks and obsidian

-updated to 1.16.4

-new Daedulus stormbow (creative only)