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Submitted by werk robot on Sat, 06/08/2019 - 17:20
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all credit goes to all the people who gave me the ideas or people that made mods with similar ideas as i did.

this mod will add many new things to minecraft and will get updates,forever(Actually until i die)

if you have ideas for the mod, let me know and i will try to implement these ideas as soon as possible.

and one more thing:no matter how good and or popular this mod gets, please do not submit this mod for mod of the week


(note to the people who chose the winner of the mod of the week: if this mod ever gets submitted for mod of the week, please don't chose this mod as the winner even if it is the best submitted mod)



Latest Update:

i have made  a new version count system for the mod

and it works like this:the version after 1.9 is 2.0 and after 9.9 comes 1.0.0



Currently Planed features:

Not Implemented:

  • More Colored blocks like colored stone/cobblestone and colored bricks
  • more features for caves witch i don't know what that will be yet, sorry
  • new things to make the nether more interesting
  • the phantom from minecraft 1.13
  • birds

Implemented but not in the downloadable mod yet:

  • when the player destroy a cactus or fire than the player gets hurt

Cancelled until i find a way to fix the issue

  • Thirst bar
  • wires because you cant make blocks act like redstone
Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development


  • feature: added biome called classic biome
  • feature: ruby ore
  • feature: ruby
  • feature: ruby block
  • feature: emerald tools and armor
  • feature: mossy stone replaces some mossy cobblestone.



  • feature: accidentally added the mods logo since i needed that for the image on this page.
  • change: lowered the hardness of the ruby ore and the ruby block since obsidian has a hardness of 50 and these blocks where set on 64.000.



  • feature: colored planks
  • feature: saw witch gives you one extra log for every log you destroy with it
  • feature: added recipe for chain armor.
  • removed: logo block



  • feature: colored logs
  • feature: mossy glass
  • feature: ore dimension
  • feature: a few things to spice up caves
  • feature: diamond stick
  • feature: smooth netherrack
  • feature: Bush
  • feature: a creative only item witch gives you a command block
  • feature: a creative only item witch gives you a barrier block
  • change: changed the hardness of the ruby ore and ruby block again
  • change: the colored planks had the wrong blast resistance but not anymore
  • change: changed the grass color of the classic biome
  • known bug: every block that is next to a mossy glass block appears black but i did learn a solution for that and that solution will be present in the next update.



  • feature: oil
  • feature: plastic goop comes from oil when next to lava
  • feature: plastic
  • feature: colored plastic blocks
  • feature: ruby armor
  • feature: ruby tools
  • feature: a deadly overworld dimension
  • feature: land mine, explodes when any entity touches it
  • feature: detector tnt, explode when neighbor block changes
  • feature: copper ore
  • feature: copper
  • feature: copper block
  • feature: stone slab
  • feature: slime stone
  • feature: humans
  • feature: one building where those humans once lived
  • feature: nether stick
  • feature: a command that gives you a command block,barrier block,structure block, structure void
  • feature: a invisible light source
  • feature: a block that removes any neighbor block faces
  • bug fix: every block that is next to a mossy glass block does not appear black anymore
  • change: updated the mossy stone texture
  • change: updated the mossy glass texture
  • change: added models for one of the cave features
  • change: changed the classic biome grass color again to how it was before rd-1.2
  • known bug: the stone slab acts like a full block
  • known bug: oil does not check correctly if there is a lava block next to it most of the time

Could you add a few images about the mod?