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Published by werk robot on Sat, 06/08/2019 - 17:20
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Warning 1: all credit goes to all the people who gave me the ideas or people that made mods with similar ideas as i did.

Warning 2: please keep in mind that the Category is set to "other" but that is because there is not a option for "all"

this mod will add many new things to minecraft and will get updates, FOREVER (Actually until i die)

if you have any ideas for the mod, or want to see your minecraft splash text idea, or want to report a bug you found in the mod, let me know in the comments and i will try to implement these ideas, or fix these bugs as soon as possible.


in the zip file there will be 2 files, one of them will be the mod, and the other will be the "extra splashes" resource pack


version system: after 1.9 is 2.0 and after 9.9 comes 1.0.0 for the development versions it's 1.9 and than the next release type


I will not always be actively working on the mod because i also have other things i want to do in my free time



What to expect:

  1. the unused ruby, ruby block and ruby ore
  2. emerald and ruby tools and weapons
  3. more colored blocks
  4. new cave decorations
  5. ore and deadly overworld dimensions
  6. Herobrine
  7. new decoration blocks
  8. The minecraft classic blocks
  9. new building blocks
  10. features that were unused in minecraft
  11. ideas from the community
  12. ideas from the minecraft feedback site



Latest Development News:

  • some things that were planned are now not planned anymore because MCreator 1.9.2 will be for 1.14 (so the stone slab from my mod will not get updated and the other features that are in minecraft 1.14 will soon be removed)


  • rd-1.5's launch was kind of wonky, for starters the classic biome had a way too large spawn chance(for testing) so i had to re-release the rd-1.5 update, and than i realized that the (all mod elements) picture was not updated, but i did have that world that i used for the screenshot, but because i did not disable the functions, well... I ruined the world. So i just wanted to say this will not be the last release that will be such a mess, sorry.


  • the bluestone dust will take some time to make because i am not good at java and it might also take me a while to make all the technical things because for redstone alone there are 1498 block states, so that is a lot!, and i need to make all the models and scripts that go with these 1498 block states, oh did i say that i maybe have to hook up those scripts to each one of these block states? or that i have to make it so that pistons and other redstone components will work with all these 1498 block states? and that is not the end of this sad situation because i also have to make it so that the bluestone does not bring back the entity lag issue.


  • i have noticed that there is one block missing from the "all blocks and items picture", will be fixed in the next update


  • the name for rd-1.7 will be "The END-less creativity update"


  • be careful with the classic lava and water because if you just go wild and try to fill the whole world with it the game will crash (i am already trying to fix that)


Currently Planed features and changes:

Not Implemented:

  • colored stone
  • colored cobblestone
  • colored bricks
  • electrified water (from feedback site)
  • new things to make caves more interesting
  • new things to make the nether more interesting
  • new things to make the end more interesting
  • optimizing the mods code
  • birds
  • dirt slab (will come when MCreator adds support for slabs)
  • remove the stone slab once MCreator 1.9.2 comes out
  • restore the rest of herobrine's code (part of that is already done)
  • one-sided ores:works like normal ores but only has there corresponding ore texture on one side (the rest of the sides is stone)
  • wires (will come when i can control the redstone state of one block at a time in MCreator)
  • something that spawns the unused "illusioner"
  • maybe: new ambient music
  • giving the classic blocks the correct sounds
  • new mushroom mobs
  • random number generator: will place a random version of it self when powered and that can be used with command blocks (i know this is already possible but than if you work with large numbers it may create entity lag)
  • a structure with a lever and tnt witch you know what to do with, witch is to click the lever
  • new structures for the human
  • maybe: make it so that the human only spawns at the human structures
  • dead trees (from minecraft bedrock)
  • giving all custom block models a proper inventory appearance
  • giving all custom block models a proper in hand appearance
  • fixing a bug where the classic sand and classic gravel don't react to the mod functions gamerule
  • dog (maybe: has random texture on spawn)
  • something that shoots explosive ammo
  • bees (from minecraft 1.15)
  • the other bee related things (from minecraft 1.15)
  • more redstone components
  • more night monsters.
  • super TNT: works like normal TNT but with a larger explosion
  • repurpose the stripped logs for stripped planks (when MCcreator for 1.14 comes out)
  • bluestone: acts like redstone but does not connect to redstone (idea from the youtube channel "Mumbo Jumbo") (some parts already done but will not be accessible without commands and has no functionality)
  • new food (don't know what yet)
  • a unique type of mob for each existing biome (From minecraft feedback)
  • Dimension: The Abyss (From minecraft feedback, Will come when MCreator 1.9.2 comes out)
  • redstone circuit blocks: idea from the youtube channel "Mumbo Jumbo" (will come when i can control the redstone state of one block at a time in mcreator)
  • Harder Mode: hostile mobs for the day time
  • Harder Mode: some mobs will have special powers
  • Harder Mode: thirst (if i can implement that)
  • make the computer block have a block based scripting gui
  • Maybe: a advanced coding block (if i can find a way to dynamicly execute code in java)
  • making the end dimension feel more like a alien world like xen from half life (or black mesa source, the remake of half life)
  • colored slime: will work like the honey block in minecraft 1.15 (if i can)
  • some end updates inspired by the youtube channel "logdotzip"
  • (more will come soon)


Implemented but not in the downloadable mod yet:

  • removed "Happy Birthday Notch!" from the extra Extra Splashes resource pack because without the code for that splash text it will not work properly
  • fixed a spelling error in the Extra Splashes resource pack
  • a recipe for the end portal gate
  • the classic GameMode will be a toggle because else i can't stop the player from flying
  • when you kill a enderman there will be a small chance that they will drop a new item called "End Goop" and that can be used to turn stone and cobblestone into the end version of those blocks
  • you can not pick up technical blocks anymore
  • renamed the "Classic Minecraft Blocks" tab to "Old Minecraft Blocks" tab this is because there are more blocks than only blocks from classic minecraft
  • end goop: can turn stone and cobblestone into the end version of those blocks (so you can make a end gate)
  • solid colored blocks in every preset color from MCreator (may have a few duplicated colored blocks)
  • the ore dimension portal now gives light
  • the deadly overworld dimension portal now gives less light
  • trashcan
  • making the "natural mud" and "functions" command act like proper gamerules
  • End Acid (From minecraft feedback)
  • crying obsidian: will set your spawn point and world spawn but will remove all weapons from your inventory and spawn 5 zombies
  • a Gamerule to make minecraft harder named harder mode, can be activated with the command "/gamerule doHarderMode <true/false>"
  • Harder Mode: when you sleep there is a chance a zombie, skeleton, spider or creeper will spawn
  • Harder Mode: when you are near a light source and it is night time you get blinded
  • Harder Mode: void fog: activates when you are below y=15 (does not activate when in a superflat world)
  • Harder Mode: when you get hurt you can't move for a few seconds
  • old plank: will use the texture from when it was first made
  • renaming the rd-132211 cobblestone and rd-132211 grass to old cobblestone and old grass
  • updated the brown plank
  • updated the brown log
  • moved the fire-info to a new class to make it less hard to change something in a block that needs fire-info (the fire-info makes the block burnable)
  • fixed the wings of the duck (by removing the wing texture)
  • harder mode is now also enabled when in hardcore mode
  • Harder Mode: when a creeper dies it will explode
  • fixed a possible bug where the totem of teleportation may teleport you into a wall (may still happen as i fixed a random issue that may be connected to the problem)
  • Smooth netherrack can now hold fire
  • End Launcher: will launch any entity that touches it
  • updated the smooth end stone texture
  • colored end stone
  • Harder Mode: when you brake a block without a tool in your hand you get damaged
  • the mods logo/picture is removed from the mod info panel in game due to a big problem i found in the texture (because i named a overlay the same as the logos name)
  • updated the copper block texture to be more visible
  • the custom glass blocks no longer use a custom model
  • the classic leaves doesn't use transparency anymore
  • added to the "extra splashes" recourse pack
  • the explosion power of the landmine and detector tnt are now the same as a creeper

Cancelled until i find a way to fix the issue:

  • the unused ambient loops, or with other words the unused ambient loops are unused once again (sorry for that joke)





(note to the people who chose the winner of the mod of the week: if this mod ever gets submitted for mod of the week, please don't chose this mod as the winner even if it is the best submitted mod

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version



  • feature: added biome called classic biome
  • feature: ruby ore
  • feature: ruby
  • feature: ruby block
  • feature: emerald tools and armor
  • feature: mossy stone replaces some mossy cobblestone or how the game likes to calls it "Moss Stone".



  • feature: accidentally added the mods logo since i needed that for the image on this page.
  • change: lowered the hardness of the ruby ore and the ruby block since obsidian has a hardness of 50 and these blocks where set on 64.000.



  • feature: colored planks
  • feature: saw which gives you one extra log for every log you destroy with it
  • feature: added recipe for chain armor.
  • removed: logo block



  • feature: colored logs
  • feature: mossy glass
  • feature: ore dimension
  • feature: a few things to spice up caves
  • feature: diamond stick
  • feature: smooth netherrack
  • feature: bush
  • feature: a creative only item witch gives you a command block
  • feature: a creative only item witch gives you a barrier block
  • change: changed the hardness of the ruby ore and ruby block again
  • change: the colored planks had the wrong blast resistance but not anymore
  • change: changed the grass color of the classic biome
  • known bug: every block that is next to a mossy glass block appears black but i did learn a solution for that and that solution will be present in the next update.



  • feature: oil
  • feature: plastic goop: comes from oil when next to lava
  • feature: plastic
  • feature: colored plastic blocks
  • feature: ruby armor
  • feature: ruby tools
  • feature: a deadly overworld dimension
  • feature: land mine, explodes when any entity touches it
  • feature: detector tnt:explodes when neighbor block changes
  • feature: copper ore
  • feature: copper
  • feature: copper block
  • feature: stone slab
  • feature: slime stone
  • feature: humans
  • feature: one building where those humans once lived
  • feature: nether stick
  • feature: a command that gives you a command block,barrier block,structure block, structure void
  • feature: a invisible light source
  • feature: a block that removes any neighbor block faces
  • bug fix: every block that is next to a mossy glass block does not appear black anymore
  • change: updated the mossy stone texture
  • change: updated the mossy glass texture
  • change: added models for one of the cave features
  • change: changed the classic biome grass color again to how it was before rd-1.2
  • known bug: the stone slab acts like a full block and sadly i can't fix it until mcreator has a option for that witch will probably be in 2.x.x
  • known bug: oil does not check correctly if there is a lava block next to it most of the time
  • known bug: the abandoned human building may spawn at some unique places, for instance on top of a tree,now i did copy some grass blocks to explain it like "yeah, humans like to put grass blocks on the location where they want to build their home" but it still may look weird



  • feature: when the player destroy a cactus or fire than the player gets hurt
  • feature: The ability to dry sponges in the Nether (from Minecraft bedrock)
  • feature: cheese
  • feature: hamburger
  • feature: tomato
  • feature: tomato seed, use this item on grass to place a tomato plant.
  • feature: tomato plant, when it has the max amount of tomato's, it will grow upwards. only if you have a fence above it
  • feature: an item witch gives you an mob spawner
  • feature: cooked egg
  • feature: stone item, dropped at random when you destroy cobblestone
  • feature: some functionality of the stone slab
  • feature: a gun
  • feature: bullet for gun
  • feature: iron stick
  • feature: glass shard
  • feature: a new type of dirt called "corred dirt" (probably not real i just made the name up)
  • change: updated ruby block texture
  • feature: Suspicious Stew
  • feature: a new type of grass called "corred grass" (probably not real i just made the name up)
  • feature: ruby blocks can now be used as beacon bases
  • change: redstone can now connect to copper blocks
  • feature: added herobrine
  • feature: a block called "warning strip"
  • feature: pigman
  • feature: iron stick, used to make bullets.
  • feature: a block called "catwalk"
  • change: updated the detector tnt textures
  • change: black log and black plank textures has been updated to look more black as before they appeared more gray
  • change:updated bush texture (update not too big, just some pixels that weren't there before)



  • feature: Lined Bedrock:will replace some normal bedrock
  • feature:sickle:will give you one extra item for each crop you destroy, even if the corp is not fully grown yet, but it is very weak (the item you get depends on what kind of crop you destroy)
  • feature:Totem of teleportation: when used it will teleport you to a water block if it finds any in a radius of 32
  • feature:iced stone:will spawn in cold biomes
  • feature:mud(spawns when it rains)
  • feature:muddy pig (will spawn when a normal pig swims in mud)
  • feature:a gamerule to enable or disable mud
  • feature:more variants of the suspicious stew
  • feature:rose (was removed in minecraft version 1.7.2)
  • feature:wood armor
  • feature:classic grass block
  • feature:classic dirt
  • feature:classic log
  • feature:classic planks
  • feature:classic stone
  • feature:classic cobblestone
  • feature:classic water
  • feature:classic lava
  • feature:classic tree sapling
  • feature:classic leaves
  • feature:RD-132211 grass block
  • feature:RD-132211 cobblestone
  • feature:new creative tab called "Classic Minecraft Blocks"
  • feature:resource pack that adds new splashes to the menu-screen
  • change:the classic biome now uses the classic blocks
  • change:oil will now only spawn underground as it just seems natural to me and it fixes a few structure related problems
  • change:updated the land mine model
  • change:gave the cave decorations names
  • change:the cave decorations show up in inventory
  • change:restored some of herobrine's code
  • known bug:the resource pack that adds new splashes to the menu-screen says that it is not compatible, just ignore that because it does work 100%
  • known bug:the naturalmud gamerule bugs out the command system
  • known bug:the classic lava spawns outside the classic biome


version rd-1.6:the classic bug update

  • feature: Smooth End Stone: a new block that spawns in the end
  • feature: small rocks for caves
  • feature: some parts of the Bluestone but will not be accessible without commands and has almost no functionality
  • feature: acid: works like lava, does not naturally generate
  • feature: a command to enable or disable all the mod's functions (for making the mod's "all blocks and items" screen-shot and to prevent some of your buildings from changing, or being ruined like my "all blocks and items" world)
  • feature: a gamemode that has most of the classic player controller functionality restored
  • feature: punchable TNT: works just like the TNT used to work before minecraft beta 1.7
  • feature: the rest of the classic Minecraft blocks (some of them can only be accessed in creative mode)
  • feature: a advancement for when 50 explosions happen in a world
  • feature: ducks
  • feature: stripped logs (from minecraft 1.13)
  • feature: dummy mob: has no AI so it can be used for creating things with command blocks
  • feature: the sickle now supports leaves
  • feature: as a price for killing the unused "Illusioner" will be a emerald or a totem of undying or gold
  • feature: villagers will have a 1 in 2147483647 chance that they will drop a emerald on death
  • feature: the extra splashes resource pack now have some of the unused ones
  • feature: new splashes in the "extra Splashes" resource pack
  • feature: a achievement for when 50 explosions happen
  • change: the colored planks and logs are now flammable
  • change: left clicking a log with the saw will now give you stripped log and the saw no longer gives you a extra log when destroying it
  • change: changed the gamerule NaturalMud true or false to NaturalMudTrue or NaturalMudFalse
  • change: herobrine now has a idle sound
  • change: the classic dirt, classic grass block, corred dirt, corred grass block are now effected by the random tick gamerule
  • change: the classic biome will now spawn the trees from the first minecraft version that has trees
  • change: each version of the mod will have a name from now on
  • change: the single rose now spawns less frequently
  • change: the bush now spawns less frequently
  • change: the rd-132211 grass has been updated to use the correct texture
  • change: ruby ore can now spawn in mountains
  • change: the ruby and ruby ore has been updated to use the real unused textures from minecraft
  • change: the muddy pig is now able to spawn naturally without coming in contact with mud
  • change: updated the muddy pig to look more like the one from minecraft earth
  • change: the stone item is now called rock
  • change: updated the rock texture
  • change: updated the purple log and plank textures
  • change: the command block giver and barrier giver and the mob spawner giver now only activate when they are in your off hand, this is to prevent a bug that has to do with the command that enable or disable all the mod's functions
  • change: you can no longer sleep in the classic biome trying to do that will end up with a explosion
  • change: the wood armor now has a much lower damage value
  • change: the deadly overworld dimension portal now give off a little bit of light
  • change: now if you want classic dirt to become classic grass there has to be at least one classic grass block next to it
  • change: the suspicious stew now uses the correct Nutrition value
  • change: you can not sleep in the classic biome anymore trying to do so will result in an explosion
  • bug fix: the human structure was able to spawn in some strange places (may still happen in some cases)
  • bug fix: the classic water and lava were able crash the game (it still can but it takes more time for minecraft to bite the dust)
  • bug fix: the classic lava sometimes spawned in other biomes than the classic biome
  • bug fix: (spelling error) there was some text that says "ritch" and not "rich"
  • bug fix: the lined bedrock was able to be broken with a explosion
  • bug fix: herobrine was going to panic when hit
  • bug fix: the stone spike 4 did not show up in the creative inventory
  • bug fix: (spelling error) the wood armor showed up in the inventory as "Wood"
  • bug fix: the detector tnt and the single rose used the wrong sounds
  • bug fix: the "extra Splashes" resource pack said it is not compatible (while it was)
  • known issue: the classic sand and gravel are not effected by the enable or disable functions command
  • known issue: the wings of the duck are broken

Could you add a few images about the mod?

Submitted by Goldorion on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 18:05

It looks very nice ! It’s sure that I will try it.