Lootbox Mod [Alpha]

Submitted by Janoque on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 03:37
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The Lootbox Mod has Lootboxes that you find by Mining, then Craft a Lootbox Opener to open the Lootboxes you gained from Mining!

Currently there are 3 Lootboxes:

Wooden Lootbox

Stone Lootbox

Iron Lootbox

More Lootboxes are gonna be added in Future Releases.


This mod makes Mining for Stuff even more Better! You Lootboxes then earn Minecraft Loot off of them! Like Tools and Useful Items to help your Adventure! It's Like Lucky Block but instead of breaking it you have to go to a Lootbox Opener in order to see what's inside of them. You can also RIght Click a Lootbox to see what kind of Lootbox it might be, if your confused. Also this is my First mod, I'm getting used to MCreator (this took me 1 week).

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- 1.0 (7/1/2019 11:38 PM)

Just Uploaded ;)

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Nice :)
I'd recommend making the texture for the lootbox opener a little more detailed though.

Nice mod, it's an original way to make caves less repetitive :)
I agree with Sir_cookie about the textures though