Classic Ben 10 MOD

Published by umtercan on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 13:45
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I use google translation. There may be errors in the description.

CBT mod v2020.50-M

You can turn into an alien !

Now you can do magic!
This mod provides access to 23 different aliens.
You can select the alien by right-clicking on the Omnitrix. 


Mobs: Mutant entity, Mutant Cow, Vilgax, DNaliens, Xenocite,Charmcaster, Charmcaster's bag, Stone creatures, Max and Gwen.

Press "R" or "F" to use alien abilities.

Use the "x" key to revert.

New added

Charmcaster, Charmcaster's bag, Stone creatures, Max and Gwen, Staff of Ages, talismans.


Classic Aliens

-Four arms, Diamond head, Heat blast, Ripjaws, Upgrade, Cannonbolt, Ben Victor, Ghostfreak, Xlr8, Upchuck.

AF Aliens

-Bigchill, Swampfire, Rath, Lodestar, Jetray, Alien X, classic aliens remade for AF(Four arms, Diamondhead, Heatblast, Cannonbolt, Ghostfreak, Xlr8, Upchuck.)



-Classic Omnitrix.

-AF omnitrix.



-Plumber badge(OV)

-Plumber badge(UAF)

-Sumo Cards.

-Some blocks.

-Tennyson clothes.

-Petropia Crystal items(Armor, tools.)

-Corrodium Crystal

-Galvan, GalvanB blocks.


-3 guns (guns work with redstone)

-Staff of Ages.



You can check youtube to learn how to use magic.








New Mobs

Charmcaster, Charmcaster's bag, Stone creatures, Max and Gwen.

New items

Staff of Ages, talismans.

Congratulations for MOTW!
Honestly I don't know why a mod from a year ago just became mod of the week, but it's a nice mod anyways I guess :)