Adventure Time Experience

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My CurseForge mod page:

Hi, i'm a 17 italian guy and i always loved mods for Minecraft and Adventure Time, so i decided to mix these two passions.

This is my first mod and i'm a single person involved in the development.

This is not a story-drived mod, so IT WILL NOT ADD any types of NPCs / characters and quests. It's only a mod that add weapons, foods, objects, armours, etc... from the Adventure Time Universe. 

I developed this mod with MCreator and i created all the textures with Novaskin. All the texture, apart the Grass Sword texture and the Finn's Sword texture (i don't know the accounts that created the textures) and the Raw Bacon texture that i only lightly changed, are created by me. I based in pre-existing textures and then i created original textures and eventually i choosen the best(in my opinion) for every items.

Actually i based from OooCraft Mod(1.7.10) and Adventure Time Mod (1.7.10) and (on a smaller scale) by Adventure Time Mod 2 (1.12.2).

I hope you enjoy the mod, i still have to make a lot of items, and i'm open to suggestions and advices. :)

If i wrote something in a wrong way, please tell me, because English is not my first language.


(I'd like to add languages packs, but for now this mod is available only in English).


Future elements i will add:






Enchiridion ---> sort of encyclopedia of all the items in the mod with funny descriptions (in Adventure Time's style) but also with quotes for the super fans of Adventure Time

Mobs (only animals or creatures)


Bosses (i hope, actually i might not even never make, because it's too hard at this moment, but i'd really like to!)

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Version 1.0 (Bacon & Weapons Update) 12 July 2019
Please play it with gamemode because i still have to create recipes for weapons and i have to make the Raw Bacon as a drop from pigs.

-Added Creative inventory TAB for the mod
-Added 'Demon Blood Sword' weapon
-Added 'Marceline's Axe-Bass' weapon
-Added 'Finn Sword' weapon
-Added 'Grass Sword' weapon
-Added 'Scarlet' weapon
-Added raw and cooked bacon (with the smelting recipe)



Version 1.1 (Fresh Update) 13 July 2019
You can now play in survival gamemode, finding the Ice-Stone Ore for creating a weapon and killing pigs for eating tasty bacon! Yummy!

-Added the Raw Bacon as a drop by pigs
-Added 'Ice-Stone' ore
-Added 'Ice Fragment' item
-Added 'Ice Shard' item
-Added 'Ice Scale' item
-Added 'Ice Stick' item
-Added 'Ice Blade' item
-Added 'Dagger of Chilled Glass' weapon
-Some bugs fixes

Modification download files

Nice, but please can you add screenshots of the mod?