One Punch Mod

Published by Dragma2005 on Sat, 12/02/2017 - 18:11
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Disclaimer: The Armor has no good textures, I don't know How to make them, and when wearing the helmet and/or the body your character takes "Damage" constantly (though it doesn't actually DO damage)

Disclaimer #2: If you right-click with the glove then try to jump you will be shot into the sky at incredible speeds


Hello! This is my One Punch Man mod, I really like the anime so I decided to make a mod for it, it has quite a few features (But is really expensive) so I hope you enjoy!

Modification files
One Punch Mod.jar - This is the mod link.1.11 MB

Version 1.0.0 (The Update that Changed the Punch)

  • Added One Punch Man Tab
  • Added One Punch Man Glove (9998 Damage)
  • Added 4 different "Intense Training Regimins (Will fix typo in an update) (Click on ground to use)
  • Added 4 different Orbs (Squat, Push-up, Running, and Sit-up)
  • Added Training Orb 1
  • Added Training Orb 2
  • Added Training Orb 3
  • Added Training Orb 4
  • Added Glove Orb
  • Added Suit Cloth
  • Added One Punch Man Armor 
  • Added Three forms of Lord Boros (Armor, Battle, and Ultimate, and Ultimate is when he was doing "Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon", not when he did Meteoric Burst
  • Added Two forms of Carnage Kabuto (Normal and Carnage)
  • Added Two forms of the Deep Sea King (Dehydrated and Hydrated, though Hydrated only appears if you kill Dehydrated in the rain)
  • Added Spaceship Plating
  • Added Spaceship Control Orb
  • Added Spaceship Beacon (Boss Summon Item)
  • Added Evolution Serum
  • Added Super Serum (Boss Summon Item, kill an entity with it to spawn the boss)
  • Added Sea Crown (Boss Summon Item)
  • Added Spaceship Block (Only Block, in the pictures for the mod)

You should add another texture for the armor, instead of default one. And make a picture for the mod. Other then that nice mod.