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For this mod you should install geckolib and playeranimator 


Mario Mania mod adds a new dimension with special biomes, many new enemies, power ups, functional blocks and decorations. Also new armor has been added to the mod, it allows you to make long, high jumps, walljumps, dashes, destroy bricks and open "?" blocks. New enemies will have to be defeated by jumping on them or using power-ups, standard weapons are useless here. Some blocks give you power ups or other things, some create enemies, some allow you to move much faster.

There is a trailer of this mod and a discord server


First of all you should find the Warp pipe in the overworld or craft awakened nether star by combining nether star and totem of undying. Those objects can teleport you into the first world of mushroom kingdom. 

Captain Toad will meet you and give clothes of plumber, mario's cap and Royal compass. Clothes make you able to make different parkour moves. I will talk about them a bit later. With cap you can make special moves and use power-up abilities. You should go to the 0 coordinate of royal compass to go to the Peach's castle. Princess now is kidnapped by Bowser the Koopa king. You won't meet them soon. In the castle you can find many useful things: Paintings that you can use to go back to the overworld or new worlds of mod, Cap and clothes blocks that can give you clothes and caps if you will sacrifice a bit XP, and Eternal Star pedestal. It can clean Dark Stars and transform coins into the XP.

Next your task is to find power stars and defeat Larry Koopa in his citadel!


Peach's Castle





You can hang on ledges! [fall near the ledge and look towards it. Space to climb on it]
And make walljumps! [space in the air near the wall]
Or even crush blocks and foes with ground pound! [shift in the air]
You can make a backflip [press shift, wait until the white sparks and jump]












Land jump! [Jump after the ground pound]
long jumps
Make long and roll jump! [to make long jump just press shift when running and jump right after it. To make roll jump (it is longer) make long jump after ground pound]
Triple jump
Make the highest triple jump! [just three jumps. Don't hold the space, you should press it just after landing]
Twirl to make small double jump! [only with mario cap. Press control in the air]

















Goomba is the easiest of the enemies. It is enough to jump on it 1 time. It can then be cooked and eaten. They can also combine into a tower. 

Red Goombas jump when you are in the air. They can use tower ability to reach their enemy at high altitude.

Bone Goombas just stronger and can't burn.

Goombrats are stronger but neutral.


Koopa Troopa - this mob has 2 variations. Koopa Troopa with a red shell attacks first and appears at night, with a green shell it will attack after attacking it. If you defeat this mob, the shell will remain in place, and Koopa will fly out of it. If Koopa then gets to the shell, it will climb into it and restore all its health.




Bob-Ombs spawn from red pipes only in the Ruins and Piperock Plateau in some structures. This mob runs after the player and explodes after a while. If you defeat him, he will sit on the ground and you can kick him until he explodes.




Piranha plant cannot move, but it bites very hard. You can't jump on him, but you can defeat him with a power up.

Melon and Fire Piranha plants can shoot at you. Fire Piranhas shoot fireballs and Melon ones shoot melon seeds. You can bounce on those seeds.

Bone Piranha is just stronger and can't burn.

Flower Piranha will spawn a vine after death. You can climb on it.


Bony Beetle also spawns in the Ruins. It sometimes climbs into the shell and becomes spiky. If you defeat him, he will fall apart into bones and respawn after a while. While he is not respawning you can destroy him with an explosion.



Hammer Bro is very dangerous enemy. He can jump long distances and throw hammers that can cause very heavy damage to you. He don't have many HP and drops hammer after death.

Fire Bro throws is very similar, but throws a lot of fireballs at you.



Blooper is an underwater creature that dashes towards you. Considering that you can't jump on it underwater he is pretty dangerous. You can cook his tentacles and eat. You can catch it with a new fishing rod.




Cheep-Cheep is a fish. You can catch it by fishing, cook and eat too. He can jump out of the water.

Deep-cheep is a green and angry fish. It is angry and will attack you.




Unagi is very dangerous and big eel. You can find it near the sunken ships. Unagi won't go too far from its lair. It is the main danger of the sunken ship. You can try to kill it with a power-up, but its hitbox is not as big as its model, so it won't be easy.

And yes, you can catch it by fishing)


Maw-Maw can be found in Goomba Woods. He eats Goombas but if he can't find them he can attack even you. You can feed him with cooked Goomba and even tame! But Maw-Maw can't be Tamed forever, he is like ocelot. But when he is tamed you can't be attacked by other Maw-Maws and you can make him follow you, walk, patrol the area and just stand when he is tamed.


Monty Mole can be found in Mole Hills. He jumps out of ground and trying to attack. He is pretty fast. But you can just give a turnip to him and he will leave and even give a coin to you.


There are something like 30 mobs, so I won't talk about everyone, but most of them are unique! Look on them by yourself!



- Super mushroom simply gives regeneration.




- Super star gives you invincibility and hurts near monsters. This and next power ups have unique music!




- Fire flower. To use this and the next power-up, you need to wear a cap (for now only Mario cap). Press CTRL to shoot fireball.



- Bubble flower. Press CTRL to shoot bubbles that can transform your foes into coins. You can also jump on bubbles.



- Super leaf. Press CTRL to make small double jump. You can do this 4 times before you land. But if you are on ground you can make Tail attack. It is weak, but it can parry different projectiles, for example Bullet Bills.


All bosses in version 1.0
All bosses in version 1.0

All of the bosses have unique attacks and abilities.


Boom-Boom - not very hard boss. He can jump on you, make a dash in his spiky shell, hide in it, or quickly run towards you. You can just jump on it to attack.

For winning you will receive a silver star 

You can find him in a tower consisting of 4 floors and a top. You can also find silver stars on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. You can connect 4 of these into a Power Star. But be careful, there are spiked balls rolling all over the tower!

Boom Boom tower
Boom-Boom tower


King Bob-Omb


King Bob-omb - he can't simply be stomped. He throws Bob-ombs and POWs at you. But Bob-ombs' explosions also hurt him, so just jump on Bob-omb and kick to at the king! After his death, run away, because don't forget he is a huge bomb and he will explode!

After the explosion there will be a silver power star and possibly a blast core , which I will talk about later.

You can find him on the summit of his mountain. You can find this mountain on the Piperock Plateau.

King Bob-Omb's mountain
King Bob-Omb on the summit of his mountain


Goomboss - he spits goombas and vegies. He can also jump, stunning you, or stomp, knocking up mobs. Your task is to defeat the vegy and thus get Super Turnips. Just throw these turnips at the Goomboss to attack it. Or you can just use power ups to defeat it and get Power Star.

He can be found on the top of his tree. But first you should defeat Goombarons. They sit on the branches. They are similar to Goomboss. You can also find other things on the branches. Besides you can get some Maple juice from some wooden blocks. With it you can jump even on spiky enemies!

Goomboss' tree
Goomboss' giant maple tree


Larry Koopa - the final boss of the 1st world. He jumps, shoots homing fireballs and magic projectiles that fly towards you, jumps in his shell, throws many small fireballs and swing with his wand-sword. You can just jump on him to defeat, but it would be better to have power ups, because he is not easy at all. You should use many moves to avoid his attacks. In his second phase he uses all power of the Dark Star in his wand and transforms (look at this by yourself). After defeat he drops the dark star. You should clean it with the Eternal Star pedestal that you can find in the castle. After this find the painting of the desert world and unlock it with the power star! But now there is no desert world, I'll add it in the future.

You can find Larry in his citadel in the Ruins biome, but first you should defeat every Bully in this structure. After this you will meet Larry on his airship and fight.

Larry's citadel
Larry's citadel



It is the end. There are many other things that I haven't talked about. So if you are interested in this mod download it, suggest ideas in commentaries and play it!



Modification files
mario_mania_0.9.8.12.jar - Wonderful updateUploaded on: 10/25/2023 - 17:22   File size: 9.29 MB
mario mania - First public version of modUploaded on: 09/13/2023 - 05:42   File size: 5.7 MB
mario_mania_1.0.1.jar - Patch of the first completed version of the mod. 1.0 updateUploaded on: 03/15/2024 - 18:34   File size: 29.27 MB

//Wonderful update//

-10 functional and some decorative blocks, 8 mobs, and others. Some of them are from Super Mario Bros. Wonder

-Power-up - Bubble flower

-2 new Biomes

-Boss - Bowser-clone (it can't be found in survival)


//1.0 update//1.0

-30+ new functional blocks. Moving platforms, firebars, baddie box, golden chest, player detector, enemy detector, enemy spawner, enemy annihilator and others.

-Some updated textures

-Updated mobs. For someone were added even new abilities. Now they can fight each other. They are drop coins.

-New structures: Peach's castle, Larrys Citadel, Yoshi's house, King Bob-Omb's mountain, Goomboss tree, Sunken ship and others.

-Updated ruins biome.

-New mobs.

-New items and food

-New moves

-A lot of other things


/1.0.1/ - patch that fixes some big bugs

I don't understand how the voting goes on MOTW. There is a global mod, with its own combat system, a large number of mobs, with blocks that are unique in function, but it seems to be ignored. This mod deserves attention!

Hello ! Sorry for asking, but the mod does not work for me, i have installed geckolib and player animator but when i launch it puts an error, this might relate to me having downloaded "essential" but i doubt so since essential works perfectly with any mods except i can't find any other reason, please tell me if you know how i could fix this !

hey I'm getting an error when I'm trying to load up the mod does anyone know how to fix it?

This is wonderful! You are doing incredible work and I cannot wait for the mod to get the popularity it and you deserves. I'm rooting for you and hope to see updates in the future! :)